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Month: May 2016

Back To School in the Philippines

Back to school very soon now here in the Philippines. It took a little getting used to when I first settled in Bacolod to calling the period between Easter and June the summer. That is the period the kids here take their long summer break from school or college. Back in England that long break happened between July and September and was also, somewhat euphemistically, called the summer holiday. Over the next few days parents all over the Philippines will be counting the pesos and shelling out for school clothes, supplies, books and fees. But hey! Moms and Dads! If you have anything to spare don’t forget there are also some great deals on at the moment for items for the adults. For instance there…


Happy Saturday – Be Inspired

Happy Saturday to you all! Saturdays used to be the happiest day of the week for me as a young guy. Played football in the afternoon and had a few beers with my mates in the evening. Sometimes it involved watching Liverpool FC instead of playing. And, occasionally the enjoyment of a few beers was added to by an interest in a young lady 😉 Happy days! Life is way too serious now. So let me bring you a story that’s bound to make you happy and it’s also an inspiration to all. This article first appeared in the Huffington Post Good News section on May 26, 2016. I love the story … and the pictures.   This powerful image encapsulates one graduate’s overwhelming feelings…


Black and White: FavFotoFriday

This black and white photo is one of my favorite images of all time. I love black and white photographs. They simply seem more interesting than color.  Perhaps it’s a nostalgia thing? This photo below captures both the beauty of a black and white image and my love of football. I was probably about 8-years-old when I saw this pic in my Dad’s newspaper. I was big into scrapbooks at the time and I cut this photo out and pasted it into my football scrapbook. My Dad wasn’t amused as he hadn’t finished reading the paper 🙂 He was a well-known footballer of that era. See the Secret Content box below to find out his name and the club he played for. This pic below…

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Ubiquitous: WordWednesdayFun

Ubiquitous is today’s word in #WordWednesdayFun. I’ll get straight into it. As usual Merriam-Webster first. Ubiquitous adjective ubiq·ui·tous \yü-ˈbi-kwə-təs\ Popularity: Top 1% of lookups Simple Definition : seeming to be seen everywhere Full Definition : existing or being everywhere at the same time : constantly encountered : widespread <a ubiquitous fashion> ubiquitously adverb ubiquitousness noun Examples of ubiquitous in a sentence Hot dogs are the ideal road trip food—inexpensive, portable, ubiquitous. —Paul Lucas, Saveur, June/July 2008 Shawarma is the new street meat. Both a late night favourite and a quick lunch classic, the Middle Eastern dish is now ubiquitous on the streets of Toronto. —Chris Dart, Torontoist, 8 Feb. 2007 In major league locker rooms, ice packs are ubiquitous appendages for pitchers, who wrap their…

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Blogging Evolution

Evolution happens in our lives, in our careers. It happens! Sometimes it is forced upon us either through our own crass mistakes or the fault of others. Blogging evolution is no different. Since my retirement my blogging and writing activities have gathered momentum like the proverbial snowball rolling down the mountain side. Or, is it more of a rolling stone gathering no moss? I started blogging on the Google platform, I think it’s called, some 3 or 4 years ago when I was living in Thailand. I have learned so much especially in the last 12 months. That learning curve should be put to good use. It is. I have started up a new blog (yes, another one!) called I will be using it…

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Why Self Development Articles Can Suck

This is the last in my series of self development articles. There are a number of reasons why I have decided to withdraw from writing about self-development. Firstly, I’m not at all sure my loyal readers want to read about it. Second, the articles attract no feedback whatsoever. Third, I have overstretched myself lately in terms of writing and blogging commitments. Something has to give. But the final straw came when I discovered this article in researching self development articles on the web. Please don’t carry on reading if you are offended by strong language. In fact I will place an image below this sentence so you can avert your gaze and get the f*** outta here 🙂 No, I’m serious! Please don’t read on…


Self Development Articles: Saturday Review 05/21/16

This is the week’s final article in the series of summaries of self development articles. You can view all the previous summaries in the series by clicking on this category link. Self Development Articles: Saturday Review it’s  Saturday,once more! I  will take my usual glance back at the week with a fresh but brief overview of those summaries.  It will be so brief that I will often confine it to picking the “quote of the week.” The Saturday review will also feature a story that illustrates the benefits of self improvement. That story may come from within these pages or somewhere else out there in this wide world of ours. And, I will pick an inspirational quote for the week starting with the one below.  …

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Have You Ever Seen The Rain? Or The Lightning? It was close today! The lightning strike. Watch that YouTube video. Just the first strike. Listen carefully. Can you hear a searing noise? I can. Now I’m no stranger to thunderstorms. But thunderstorms here in the Philippines are something else. I was taking my early afternoon nap when I heard the heavy rain start. Raindrops the size of saucers. Then I heard the searing sizzling noise and saw the brilliant white flash. Boy, that strike was close! The thunder clap was simultaneous to the sizzling noise. It shook the aluminum windows of the house. You know what? Our two young boys slept through it 🙂 The humidity has been intense here lately. It’s funny how I’ve got used to it. I hardly sweat now.…


Male Introverts – Don’t Be Shy!

Sensitivity has been a theme running throughout all this week’s summaries. Under the spotlight today is the subject of male introverts.

Today’s Article – The Silence of Male Introverts & HSPs?

Today’s article  The Silence of Male Introverts & HSPs? appeared first on Medium. If you need reminding, HSPs are highly sensitive persons or people.

Favorite Quote from the Author In the Article

male introverts


 Summary of the Article

In a nutshell and unsurprisingly the articles deals with male introspection. That and males who are a HSP. The author explores the online visibility of such males and queries why so few are seen in contrast to women. He believes the answer lies in men typically not wishing to be viewed as vulnerable.

Reading Time of the Article

6 minutes

Web Hosting

About the Author and Lesson(s) Learned From The Article

David Johnson is a Mindfulness & Confidence Coach. His bio on Medium adds this – Introverts & HSPs. Informed by Buddhism, Ecopsychology, world travel & probably a few other things. You can find his website by clicking here.

The lesson I learned was that the author is displaying all the signs of being a highly sensitive male. Let me explain that. Johnson seems to take the stance that it is unusual for a male to display signs of introversion as it signals weakness.

Only fools or bullies would interpret male introversion or vulnerability as a weakness.

My Take

I couldn’t help myself! I have already given you a clue as to my take in the lesson learned above. Male introverts and sensitive males have existed since the beginning of time. I do believe Johnson is barking up the wrong tree at times.

I also have difficulty in following some of Johnson’s thought processes. I know what he is trying to say but the message isn’t made any clearer by prose such as this:

“With both introversion and sensitivity there can be the sense that they are personality traits and ways of being that we choose to adopt and live by. These are meanings and values that have been put on those words by society at large, I would say especially in the west.”

Sorry David, that is such a complex structure. I don’t understand it!

There are passages in the piece that I plain disagree with. Johnson writes:

“When the requirement of men is to be loud, demonstrative, physically strong — as that might be perceived as the only way of getting results, of winning — then any quieter way of being will not even be given a chance to shine and will possibly be ridiculed. And if introverted men believe that they have to act in a way contrary to what they are comfortable with, their health and well being will suffer — I write that based on experience.”

Clearly I respect his experiences. I cannot disagree with what he has personally experienced. But I disagree with his starting point – “… the requirement of men is to be loud, demonstrative, physically strong …” It’s a stereotype! Why reinforce it?

Men and loudness is not a prerequisite of maleness. This concept irks me!


It’s a messy article. That is a shame as the message is a worthwhile one. But it needs clarifying.

I do hope you find this series of self development articles useful. If so, then bookmark this page.

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Bantayan Island, Cebu: FavFotoFriday

It’s just over a year ago now that Zabrina and I had a trip to Bantayan Island, Cebu. We stayed at a resort in Santa Fe but decided to tour the island one day on a small motorbike. That is one of the things I love about the Philippines – a lack of over-regulation. To rent a motorbike back in the UK is a pain. First off, you need to find a dealer that rents bikes out. Second, you need to show your license. Third, they will ask for a huge deposit. In Bantayan, we asked the resort chef where we could rent a bike for the day. “No problem” he answered, pointing towards his own bike. For 200 pesos (about £3) we had his…

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