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LBC Shipping Cart Now Open in the UK

It has just been announced the LBC Shipping Cart now open in the UK. That’s great news for a number of reasons especially if, like me, you hail from the UK and want goods shipping to your door in the Philippines. Marks & Spencers’ bigger mens’ sizes anyone? 🙂 If you need to know the details of the LBC Shipping Cart system, I have written about it before here and here. The LBC system has always delivered for me. Safe in transit, insured goods, tracking, great communication by email – all of those things and the price you pay includes any relevant taxes. They take care of the Customs declaration so it isn’t impeded on arrival in Manila. At the moment I await delivery of an…


Car Dashcams and Idiot Drivers

Car dashcams are a real answer to the problems caused by idiot drivers. That applies whether it is here in Bacolod or anywhere in the world. Those of you who have followed this blog for any length of time will know I have had plenty to say about idiot drivers in Bacolod. I even wrote a book about it 🙂 So why should you consider the installation of  a car dashcam? This is what one review site had to say: A dash cam can protect your finances, your time, and your personal property in a number of ways: It can scare off dishonest people who try to take advantage of you; it can provide evidence that’s far more reliable than eyewitness testimony; it can accelerate…


Christmas Comes Early in the Philippines

I had heard “Christmas comes early in the Philippines” before I arrived here. It’s true! We have had our Christmas tree up in the living room since September and that is a common sight throughout the Philippines. I like it. But there is a more serious side to the season because it’s all about kids for me. I love to see their faces light up at the sight of a new toy or present after it has been frantically unwrapped. So I thought you may like some ideas for toys and presents for your kids as Christmas is fast approaching. Robocar Poli Bucky Transformer Robot Car Toy Action Figure Buggy Academy Genuine | eBay New Batman 6 inch Batman Figure and Batmobile Gift Set Model…


Awesome Amazing Amazon Shop N’ Ship (#1 Trusted Method)

Some time has elapsed since I first tried out the LBC Shipping Cart service. I wanted to test it myself before I wrote about it here. It’s not often I use the word “awesome” but I have to tell you this is one awesome amazing Amazon Shop N’ Ship service! Who is it for? Anyone who lives in the Philippines. It’s particularly useful for expats living here. What is it? It’s a shop n’ ship service that allows you to shop at (USA) and have your purchases delivered right to your door in the Philippines. How does it work? Simple! You shop in like normal using a credit or debit card to pay but instead of using your card’s billing address for shipping,…

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