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Discover Lashonda Beauregard: Author Spotlight

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Welcome Lashonda and thank you so much for agreeing to appear in the ‘Author Spotlight’ series.


lashonda beauregard

Lashonda Beauregard was born in Alexandria, La, and has lived in Lafayette, La. Lashonda is the author of the book The Harlem Renaissance Time Traveler’s Diary, which is her first published book. She is a graduate of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a Bachelors of Science in Apparel Merchandising/Business and enjoys writing stories, poetry, and music. She likes to read historical fiction, literary fiction, science fiction, and christian fiction and inspirational books.

You can follow Lashonda Beauregard here on Twitter @lbsongs7 and  find her and her book on Goodreads.

lashonda beauregard

The link to  ‘The Harlem Renaissance Time Traveler’s Diary’ is here:

Click here for Amazon US.

The Interview

Why do you write?

I like being a writer because I’m passionate about writing. Writing as well as music is my passion. I think that it is a wonderful feeling to write something, to take something from within and be able to share it with a lot of people. You can inspire, move, and encourage people just by what you write down with a pen and paper.

What are you currently working on?

I’m in the beginning process of writing another book. In addition to writing stories I also like to write poetry and songs.

From where did you draw your inspiration to write your latest book?

I was always interested in The Harlem Renaissance. I was drawn to this period of time because it was such a powerful important time for many African Americans. There were a lot of talented writers and musicians during The Harlem Renaissance. In addition to being a writer I also love music and the love of music also caused me to be curious about this period of time. I feel blessed to be able to write as well as have a fiction book published that is based on The Harlem Renaissance.

Which writers had the most influence on your decision to write?

I feel that there are so many talented writers. I’m definitely inspired by the writers before me. I’m a fan of historical fiction and time travel books as well.

What was the last book you read?

I read Time’s Anchor by Lynda Engler and I’m currently reading The Miracle Landing by Larry Welch.

Do you suffer from writers’ block?

I’m thankful to say not that much. All authors experience it every now and then, but if you’re passionate about what you’re writing about it will eventually come through. Sometimes you have to picture it in order to create it.

Biggest frustration as a self-published author?

Having to do more of the marketing and promotion, but it’s a blessing to be published so very I’m thankful.

Reviews for books are vital. Any tips on getting more reviews?

I agree, reviews are important. I would also like to get more reviews. I guess with the more readers you reach the reviews will eventually come so I guess more marketing would be the answer.

Do you use social media? If so, do you like using it?

Yes I do use social media. I like to use social media because it’s a good opportunity to connect to readers.

Who is your biggest fan?

I’m currently building a fan base. I’m thankful to everyone who has read my book.

Many people have a bucket list. What is #1 on yours?

I plan to continue to do and be more successful at what I’m passionate about and I plan to travel.

Any special message for your readers?

Read & review my book The Harlem Renaissance Time Traveler’s Diary. I’m sure you will enjoy it. Thanks to everyone who bought my book.

Lashonda, thank you so much for ‘appearing’ on the Author Spotlight series. It was a pleasure to get to ‘meet’ you!

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Here is a further link to  ‘The Harlem Renaissance Time Traveler’s Diary’ by Lashonda Beauregard –

West Barrington, a musician from 1926 Harlem, seems to have everything going for him. A job at the most popular nightclub in Harlem, a music career that is taking off, and a girlfriend, Lanna Gold, who’s the lead singer of the group Crystal Dream. But when West awakens after falling asleep on the eve of 1927, he realizes that he has been thrown into a world far beyond 1927 after he discovers that he has awakened in 2016 Harlem.

Filled with suspense, you with find The Harlem Renaissance Time Traveler’s Diary hard to stop reading as you follow West into the future as he discovers why he has been given a second chance to go back and change the past.

This compelling story about a man’s journey into the future will keep you on the edge of your seat. The Harlem Renaissance Time Traveler’s Diary is a story that will stay with you far beyond the last page.

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