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Back To School in the Philippines

Back to school very soon now here in the Philippines. It took a little getting used to when I first settled in Bacolod to calling the period between Easter and June the summer. That is the period the kids here take their long summer break from school or college.

back to school

Back in England that long break happened between July and September and was also, somewhat euphemistically, called the summer holiday.

Over the next few days parents all over the Philippines will be counting the pesos and shelling out for school clothes, supplies, books and fees.

But hey! Moms and Dads! If you have anything to spare don’t forget there are also some great deals on at the moment for items for the adults.

For instance there is a mega-sale on at Zalora. It’s good through to June 5, 2016.

While thinking about this post, I stumbled across this old article. It has plenty of common-sense tips in it.

Students will soon be going back to school here in the Philippines.

And if you’re a parent, then I’m sure one of the things in your mind right now is your budget.

When I was a kid, I would always notice how stressed my parents were during the opening of the school year. They’d go through their finances over and over to check if they’d have enough to cover for the tuition, books and school supplies of me and my brothers.

And now, it’s just a few days before the start of another school year. And for the parents out there, here are some back to school money saving tips that could help.

School Uniforms

Take inventory of what you have in the closet. Determine which ones can still be used.
Consider having some of those that don’t fit anymore tailored or altered to fit.
Trade uniforms with other parents. Maybe their kid’s old uniforms would fit yours and vice versa.
Buy good quality clothing so they’d last the whole year and maybe even more, same goes for those leather shoes.
For college students who don’t have school uniforms, then maybe you’d like to read this article on how to save money on clothing.


Ask the upper grade students if they are willing to sell or maybe even give you their old textbooks.
Likewise, you might be interested to sell your kid’s old textbooks to those who might need it.
It might help to ask the school which of the textbooks are required and which ones are supplementary or optional.
Go to second hand bookstores for old textbooks. Search in online auction sites or maybe post inquiries in parenting forums for used textbooks.

School Supplies

  • Make a list of the required school supplies. Remember to prioritize and buy the necessities first.
  • Consider recycling or using old supplies.
    • Take an inventory of what you already have at home choose which ones are still okay.
    • “Jazz up” old school supplies which are still in good condition to give it a fresh look. This works best for backpacks.
    • Go through your office cubicle and give those extra pens, pencils, memo pads and other supplies that you don’t use to your child. I know these things tend to accumulate on your desk and inside drawers, specially those given by colleagues and clients.
  • Buy the plain and simple designs becaue they’re usually cheaper, but also consider durability. Give it individuality by customizing with your own design. I used to do this for notebooks.

Other Back To School Savings Tips

  • Be honest with your children when it comes to your budget. Make them understand the situation.
  • Be on the look out for back to school specials and sales in your area.
  • Hunt for scholarships. Not all of them are based on your financial capacity or your child’s intellect. For example, some organizations give scholarships to children that show good leadership skills.
  • It may be good to consider enrolling your child in a school near your home to lessen transportation expenses.
  • Prepare packed lunches for your child to save on food expenses.

That’s all the back to school money saving tips I can think of. Maybe you have some more things to add? Please share them below as a comment.

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  1. G G

    Ah, school!

    It’s interesting when I talk to old school friends, or others about their days in school our conversation goes to the good old times we had. The times we got into ‘trouble’ not the harmful type. We never talk about do you remember when we learned Pi was 3.14 and has no ending? Or, how we learned prepositions through rote.

    The best of school, for me, has always been those days. My own children (40, 17, 14) never talk to me about what they learned in school, rather they remind me of the times I helped them play hooky. Schools have days of accepted absence and I used them to my children’s benefit. Like spending the day at home and cuddling, watching TV, being lazy in our pjs. Or, off to the city for breakfast at a restaurant. There’s something very delicious about being off school when everyone else is in school.

    Once I got questioned by a truant officer why my son wasn’t in school when we had just ordered our breakfast. I told him that it was a self-imposed free day. “You’re helping your son play hooky?” – “Yep.” I said. I explained that my son deserved some time off from school. He’s way too intense about it all.” He laughed so loud that the others in the restaurant all turned toward us. He said in all his years of doing his job this was the first time he met a parent that wasn’t complaining, but helping their kid to play hooky, for a good reason. I bought him breakfast too 🙂

    I have a very bright niece-in-law that gets bored in school. The school is boring because she’s not being challenged to think. She was very depressed about school. She asked me if I liked school. I told her about all the fun parts of getting into trouble. She laughed so hard she nearly peed her pants. Then one day she says to me, “Teach me how to get into trouble.” So I taught her how to have fun getting into trouble that wasn’t destructive – like when she was bored listening to a teacher drone on to imagine the teacher in their underwear, and the underwear has holes in it. She did it and the teacher wanted to know why she was laughing. She didn’t tell him, she just apologized. I taught her others things to keep her spirits up with the mediocre drumming of school. Now she’s happier.

    She and my youngest son were worry warts about not being A students until I told them to search for Famous People who didn’t finish school. Walt Disney, Bill Gates, Steve Job, Colonel Sanders, Ray Kroc, Henry Ford, Harrison Ford, Richard Branson, to name a few. Then I had them search for Famous people that were A students in school – NONE. They couldn’t believe so many famous people did poorly in school or didn’t finish school.

    When I taught at university we had a saying – C students became business owners, B students went onto teach, and A students went to work for the C students.

    What I wouldn’t give to go back to school again.

    • Great response G! Thank you. I enjoyed your take on school or rather how to play hooky lol. I’m unsure personally about your last sentiment – “What I wouldn’t give to back to school again.”

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