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Bacolod City Embarks on Clearing Illegal Structures

The report below my comments is reproduced from the Visayan Daily Star Facebook page.

Bacolod City embarks on clearing illegal structures and it’s long overdue. Some of these illegal structures cause danger on the highways as they restrict the free flow of traffic and pedestrians.

While admiring the ingenuity of some of the people involved in expanding their businesses, it should not take precedence over public safety.

The reference to river banks must involve squatters who choose to live near a source of running water. That is understandable but once again, it causes problems. Firstly to the people themselves in their makeshift homes perched on the river banks. They are often flooded out during rainy season. Plus, these squatters deposit trash in the rivers including plastics which end up polluting the beaches and ocean.

At least the squatters are to be relocated according to this report.


Clearing of streets ongoing

Bacolod City Administrator John Orola yesterday said the mayor has ordered the clearing of illegal structures in streets and river banks and this has been continually ongoing since the start of the year.

However, Orola said the removal of illegal structures cannot be done overnight because there is a process to be observed.

He said those who have been issued legal notices will be given sufficient time to prepare, especially in removing illegal structures found on the roadside and along danger zones in violation of national laws that prohibit the illegal use of the roads as extension of businesses and structures, as well as parking areas.

Orola said the Bacolod Housing Authority is preparing the relocation site where informal settlers will be transferred.

They have also conducted clearing operations in Barangay16 and the Libertad Market. The clearing of Burgos Market and Central Market will follow, he added.*

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