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Bacolod Gem: Guerrero Farm Nature Park

Guerrero Farm Nature Park is indeed a gem. I recommend it highly and if you go I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

What is Guerrero Farm Nature Park?

The words of one reviewer best describe what it is –

The best place to unwind and chill because you’ll get the chance to be with the nature, the garden is really amazing, and the water of the pool is fresh. It’s a perfect getaway for family bonding because it’s not over crowded and the amenities are designed for family outing.

I can’t really add to that succinct description but I can tell you how much all our family enjoyed the day there. One of the things I can add is that it is located high on a mountain slope. The air is clean and the breezes are therapeutic. Far better than the heat and humidity of Bacolod City in the summer months.

There is an admission fee and we paid for a cottage near the pool. It was the typical nipa hut type construction you find all over the Philippines. We paid Pesos 600 for the day.  It’s well worth it to ensure you are all protected from the sun. There are also overnight accommodations available.

The main pleasure for me was the beauty of the gardens. There are so many fantastic flowers and shrubs. It is so peaceful there and easy to commune with nature.

There are two pools. One is about 50 meters long and about 5′ 6″ in depth all the way but there is a smaller kiddies’ pool. The kids are also catered for by having a slide and swings.

It’s a wonderful place to stroll. I took a short walk up the hill and went inside the open air chapel. It has a roof but no walls. I believe the resort is used for religious retreats. It’s not hard to imagine why. The whole place is serene and makes you feel closer to God and to nature.

The Cantina is the on-site restaurant and the menu is varied and reasonably priced. It’s also cool inside benefiting from the air conditioning. Having said that we took our own food. The Cantina does have an attraction inside – the scarecrow.

There is also a fish farm at the back of the restaurant. It appears turkey is a specialty on the menu but they require 3 hours notice to serve you up. I did see the flock of unsuspecting turkeys in some of the flower beds 🙂

Buko (coconut) fruit salad is a Filipino specialty too. The salesman arrived in the afternoon on his motorbike with his cool box slung over his shoulder. I tried it and found it both delicious and refreshing. It’s an ice-cream like texture with a coconut taste with sweetcorn. It comes in a small plastic sachet and you suck out the contents.

Later in the day we tried the ice cream from the Cantina restaurant.  The best part of that was seeing the look of anticipation from the boys as I opened it up.

It was disappointing though. A Nestle product that tasted of powdered ice cream and heavy on artificial flavors and goodness knows what kind of other additives! We won’t be doing that again.

Below are pictures of the boys and the pools.

Then we have the photos of the gardens followed by family pictures taken on the day.

Finally some of the views in and around Guerrero Farm Nature Park:

You can find out more about Guerrero Farm Nature Park on their official Facebook page by clicking here.

It has contact numbers to find out current rates and directions. It took me about forty minutes to drive up into the mountains from Bacolod before I arrived there. Be warned, the last few hundred meters are on a rough dirt and stone track. Take it easy!

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  1. Phil Phil

    Looks fabulous! Once I become an “expat” I plan on creating something similar, but in Don Salvador. I’m sure you’ve been there, but if you haven’t, you really need to take the trip from Murcia through Don Salvador to San Carlos city. Even to this day I am still reminiscing about that trip!

    • Hi again, Phil 🙂 The trip from Bacolod through Murcia and DS Benedicto to the coast at San Carlos City is one of my favorite road trips. I want to do it on a big motorbike one day. Good luck on your plans to become an expat and the venture similar to Guerrero Farm. Do you know Jomax Peak? It’s on that same road you mention just beyond DS Benedicto.

      • Phil Phil

        I have driven by Jomax but never stopped to take a look. We did stop by the one area where you can see the waterfall from afar. I’m not sure what it’s called but it was quite nice. Also stopped by the place with the lion statue. We stayed at la vista resort for a couple of nights. Gorgeous place to stay. Pricey, but worth it imo. Once we got to San Carlos, we took the pump boat to Sipaway Island. Another gorgeous place!

        Have you ever taken a trip to Mambukal Resort? That’s where my wife’s family is from. They run one of the restaurants at the food court. Ask for Jean or Dolly (her husband) when you go there. Perhaps you can do a blog on the resort! 🙂

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