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Bacolod Liverpool Hull – Any Connection?

Bacolod Liverpool  Hull all have something in common – ships and docks.

bacolod liverpool hull
Liverpool Waterfront

It’s one of the things I love about Bacolod. It’s on the water and it has a docks area just like Liverpool where I grew up. Hull is an other port in England but is on the east coast at about the same latitude as Liverpool.

Hull Riverside Quay – Photo Credit:

Hull faces the cold North Sea, Holland and Germany. Liverpool faces the windy Irish Sea, Ireland and America.

Bacolod faces west toward Iloilo and Panay island and has a number of fast craft and RoRo ferry services to various parts of the Philippines. It also has some commercial shipping other than ferries.

Loading Containers at Bacolod Port – Photo Credit:


retiring to the philippines
Bacolod Port

Why did I mention Hull? There are other ports in England besides that port.

The reason is I met a fellow Englishman who is from Hull. I met him earlier this week on the roof deck of L’Fisher, possibly the best hotel in Bacolod.

He contacted me through this blog before this meeting. Alan, for that is his name, was visiting Bacolod and the Philippines for the first time. You can see the comment he left and my reply here.

I heard nothing back from him and on the off chance decided to go to the roof deck of L’Fisher for an afternoon coffee and snack. I saw a foreigner sitting close to the pool and approached him.

“Are you by any chance Alan Knowles?”

“Yes,” came the reply.

‘Blow me down with a feather,’ I thought.

I explained who I was and we had a great chat. Or, rather he did, as he was so pleased to talk to someone who understood every word he was saying 🙂 Though I did have to act as an interpreter at times for Zabrina owing to Alan’s northern English dialect. For example, the use of “bairns” instead of kids. That’s a north-eastern word  and also common in Scotland.

I’m planning on meeting up with Alan again soon and I’m sure he will enjoy his stay here in Bacolod, the City of Smiles.

There’s one other thing I like about seaport cities. They are built on hard work and populated by no-nonsense folk. Capital cities around the world are generally built on politics, banking and not a little corruption. Built upon the hard work of others such as the workers in and around the docks of all great seaport cities. Lilywhite hands and dirty, calloused hands.  Honest hands and dirty hands. Dirty not from toil, but from iniquitous wheelings and dealings.

I have always felt at home in ports, whether Liverpool, Hull, Glasgow, Gdansk, Boston, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Colombo, Sydney or Bacolod. I’m sure I have visited more ports but that list will do for now.

It was nice trawling through my old photos for shots of seaports. I must get another decent camera sometime soon 🙂 If I can find one at the right price. Decent DSLR cameras can be quite expensive.

PS – the coffee and snack at L’Fisher roof deck were superb. The pizza was thin crust, packed with black olives, light on cheese and well-seasoned. Excellent! And great views of the Bacolod waterfront from the deck – recommended!

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