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Bacolod Recommended Eating – Memory Lane By Esperanza

Memory Lane By Esperanza classes itself as a diner. I think it is more than that. It’s a quirky, “home-from-home” place with oodles of atmosphere, great service and welcoming hosts and staff.

As you walk in, you can almost hear a silent shout of, “welcome, my friend – long time no see!”

Confession time, Zabrina and I didn’t eat on this occasion but we will in future. The house specialty is wings and they looked fantastic! The basic wings will set you back Pesos 110 and they do three bumper feasts with the maxed-out  Pesos 745 ($15) version coming with 26 wings, much ribs, mac cheese, the obligatory rice and goodness knows what else and includes 1 liter of iced tea.

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We didn’t eat as this was an unexpected and unplanned visit and I had just had my afternoon merienda¹. But I needed another coffee and the house version is superb, served just to my liking  and in a big mug.

I had a pleasant conversation with the owner who told me he opened last June, 2016, and the decor was his idea. All done from recycled items and materials.

It’s a wonderful place to relax just off the busy Circumferential Road near the Homesite intersection and close to the Jack and Jill school.

I particularly love the slogans evident on most of the walls and even on the entrance gate. My favorite has to be “I only drink beer on a day that ends with ‘Y‘.” True in my case and a slogan I recommend to all (in moderation of course).

That slogan is on the wall in the back garden, a beautiful tranquil spot with a chicken coop in one corner, no doubt ensuring a supply of fresh eggs.

The mention of eggs jogs my memory of the menu. They do an American, continental and Filipino  breakfast, plus ham and eggs. I really must visit for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Desserts are limited to three choices but one of my all-time favorites caught my eye – apple crumble with vanilla ice cream.

As we left, we heard a cheery “come back soon.” We will be back, as some movie star once said 🙂 And soon!

¹Merienda – a Filipino snack

They have a Facebook page.

Open 10 am – 8 pm. For location please see the below map:

memory lane by esperanza


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