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Bacolod’s Aspiring Authors: Philippines Got Talent

It was my great pleasure recently to meet several of Bacolod’s aspiring authors. Not only did I get to meet them but I had the privilege of teaching them creative writing at Jack and Jill School, Homesite, Bacolod. Through that 4-week summer program I really got to know these girls aged between 12 and 15 and they were talented.

Not only that but they were fun and intelligent; a credit to themselves and their parents. I started a series here recently under the title Philippines Got Talent. It featured local musicians and vocalists in the main. Now, I can tell you this country, and Bacolod in particular, has talent in the field of writing.

All of the students took a full part in the writing exercises culminating in the submission of a short story with a minimum of 2000 words. I was blown away by the quality of writing but I had to choose one so Kara was the winner of the best short story submission. She received a certificate to that effect on the culminating event day together with my own personal prize of 1000 pesos. Well done, Kara and also to you other girls Charlize, Lana, Lianne and Leanna,  for writing such brilliant short stories. It was a pleasure to teach you and get to know you.

In due course, I will reproduce the winning story here. Don’t miss it as it is a cracker!

All my students collaborated in writing a script for a short play performed by the drama group. It was simply breathtaking in its quality and adorably performed by the drama students of the culminating event morning.

I must also say a few words about Jack and Jill School. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to teach these young people and thank you too for making me feel so welcome. All the management and all staff are a credit to the school and nothing seems too much trouble for them. I must single out Mr. Kris Lopez, April Martinez and Muriel Lopez for assisting me so much and giving me great encouragement. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

I look forward to doing it all again. The learning was not a one-way street. My young students also taught me a thing or two including an appreciation of Alexander Hamilton, the Broadway musical.

Thank you ‘my girls’ and hope to see you all again some time soon.

PS a special thanks to Kris Lopez and Miss Agnes for sorting out my Special Work Permit.

If you would like to know more about Jack and Jill School here is a link to a recent article by a local Bacolod blogger.

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    • This was a summer program held at Jack and Jill school which is co-ed. My students attend full time at what used to be an all-girls school but wished to attend my summer program. Where are the boys – good question! “My” girls are great kids and so talented. They also taught me a thing or two – like Alexander Hamilton, the Broadway show.

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