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Bein Sports, Bacolod and the Hat Trick Sports Grill

Thank goodness for the Hat Trick Sports Grill  Bar in Bacolod run by Miguel Luis Rivero.

He’s my hero!

hat trick

Some of you may know that I have been waging what seemed like a solitary campaign to receive Bein Sports channels in Bacolod.

Bein Sports hold the rights from the English Premier League to broadcast English footy in the Philippines. It not only shows English football but also games from all over Europe including Champions’ League games.  Europe is where the best players in the world ply their trade. Think Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, Neymar, Christiano Ronaldo, Aguero, Yaya Toure, Eden Hazard and Philippe Coutinho.

hat trick
Bein Sports Football Schedule

My campaign is a long and weary one met with frustration at every turn. Read here  for the full story.

I even tracked down the boss of Bein Sports PanAsia who is an Irishman living in Sydney. He has failed to respond to my messages and he claims he is a Liverpool FC  supporter! As far as I’m concerned he can walk alone  through the wind and the rain!

Just when I was thinking about giving up, Miguel left some comments on my blog and Facebook Writer page.

The first thing I thought was how cool! He told me he had started up the Hat Trick Sports Grill and was showing Premier League football. It’s just a shame  he only told me after a thrilling Liverpool victory at Norwich by 5 goals to 4!

Today, he sent me a further message – he has started a Facebook petition for Bein Sports to be available in Bacolod and Talisay. Wow again!

You know, the really cool thing is that Miguel must love his football. As a businessman, it’s not in his interest to have Bein Sports football widely available in Bacolod. He shows the games in his bar so he could have been selfish and kept the status quo.

Football is a world game. Take baseball, for example, it’s always baffled me how you can have a World Series when only American or Canadian teams can win it! Basketball is huge in the Philippines but football is popular. Bacolod hosts the current champions of the Philippines national league and I have written about the excellent standard of Under-22 football here.

Young people watch sports and emulate the best players. Football is no different. Writing about my love of sports, I gave examples of that. This is another forceful reason why football on Bein Sports should be widely available in the Philippines.

Of course,  I have liked the petition page and will do my bit to promote it on social media.

This is where you come in – please share either this post or Miguel’s Facebook Petition Group Page, or both,  as far and as wide as possible. This would make many sports fans in this part of the Philippines very happy!

Thank you.

PS I will come and visit you at the bar soon, Miguel 🙂


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