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Bonista Beach Resort, Escalante, Negros Island: Beach Trip

Last Sunday we had notice of a scheduled brownout (power cut) to last for 12 hours from six in the morning until six in the evening. There was only one thing for it – pack a bag filled with food and head for the beach. In this case Bonista Beach Resort, near Escalante City on the north-east coast of Negros Island. You can find the website for Bonista Beach Resort by clicking here.

It was either that or sweat it out at home with no fan, no power, no WiFi, none of the things that we take so much for granted.

The whole family jumped in to my car and off I set on a projected 2 ½-hour drive. We made good early progress and saw President Duterte and his motorcade traveling toward us from the airport to Bacolod City.  Botsy, our youngest boy, got hungry just as we left Silay. You don’t ignore that as he can be grumpy when hungry 🙂

It was good that he was hungry as Kimmy (Zab’s sister) clambered over the back seats to look for the food in the back of the AUV (Asian Utility Vehicle). No food! It had been forgotten as Kimmy and Mama (Zab’s mother) had left the bag behind in their excitement! I turned around adding a full hour to our journey.

Bonista Beach Resort was worth the drive.  It has a man-made beach and set in pleasant surroundings and of course has the warm clear waters so prevalent throughout the Philippines.


The boys had great fun in the water floating on their body boards and Macky finding a hermit crab, with which he teased Botsy endlessly.

We ate our food and relaxed. It was a most pleasurable day and we plan to return for an overnight stay as they have accommodation higher up on the cliffs overlooking the bay.

One of the pleasures of a trip to the beach is the road trip. I enjoy seeing places I have not seen before, the changes in scenery and some historical sights. There is a lot to see and we are blessed in that Negros Island is filled with the beauty of nature. We do plan a round-the island trip some time driving the whole way along the coastline from Bacolod via San Carlos, Dumuaguete, Sipalay and back to Bacolod.

On the way home we stopped off at the beautiful Holy Rosary Gardens. I prayed silently for all our family and continued good health.

I love it here and I am so happy. I am happy too that we now have Mama and Kimmy living under the same roof as us. We are all the same family now and I love each and every one of them.

God Bless and Salamat!

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