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Ceres Bus Liner Drivers On Best Behaviour…..

I recently wrote about driving generally  in Bacolod  here:

and  here:

I frequently make the drive between Bacolod, where I live, to Canetown, Victorias to visit Zabrina’s family. We passed the spot today where the terrible tragedy happened.

There are flowers at the roadside to mark  the spot. And more poignantly two sets of burnt rubber on the highway marking the places where the two bus drivers braked violently. One set of tyre marks clearly showed that one driver was emergency braking whilst also swerving.

But the point I really wanted to make is that we, Zabrina. her sister and myself, all remarked on how much improvement there was in the general road behaviour  of the Ceres Bus Liner company.

The road today seemed to be populated by the total fleet of Ceres Bus Liners. There was one behind or in front of me every few minutes – in both directions.

Without fail the drivers were signalling correctly, safely overtaking and observing the speed limits.

When I stated that I saluted Ceres bus drivers as professionals in my earlier article, I had in mind the drivers of the air conditioned (AC) buses. I am told that they are the more senior and experienced drivers. It is probably true as I have always admired the driving skills of the AC bus drivers. Maybe they drove a tad too fast at times but in my view it was done without recklessness. The slower non AC buses make more frequent stops and generally need to vastly improve their driving skills – until today of course! Both AC and non AC buses were a pleasure to share the road with today. They signalled and drove in an exemplary fashion.

It made us wonder if the Ceres management had held an in house seminar reinforcing the need for safe, professional driving.

Whether or not that is the case, I would ask all Ceres drivers, in fact bus drivers all over the world, to always remember they are carrying people in their vehicles! If they crash driving a truck full of let’s say eggs then the worst that can happen is scrambled eggs!

Now the remaining majority of the Bacolod driving public needs to get their act together.

Finally thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of all affected by this crash.

Be safe!

Stephen Bentley

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