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Ceres Buses In Collision – Fatalities

Both me and Zabrina are devastated to learn of the news of two Ceres Liner Buses involved in a collision. Early reports indicate that some passengers have died.

The collision took place on the National Highway between Bacolod and Victorias at Saravia at about 7.30 am today Wednesday July 22 2015.


Our sympathies and condolences go out to all the families and friends of people affected in this tragedy.

It is ironic that in my recently published article DRIVING IN BACOLOD, PHILIPPINES: A FOREIGNER’S PERSPECTIVE

………. that I praised the professionalism of the Ceres bus drivers!!

However we must await the full facts of the cause of this terrible crash before we jump to any conclusions.


Recriminations, if appropriate, can wait. In the meantime let us think and pray for the victims and their families and friends. RIP.

Be safe!

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  1. Jfp Jfp

    Steve, an entertaining read about driving in your new locale.

    How about a story from your new local?

    Love and kisses

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