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Cool Breezes

Some days I am really ready for a change of scenery. The last few days, nay weeks, have been long days writing. Writing my paid assignments, writing for my blog here (unfortunately I don’t pay myself) and writing and planning two books that are at various stages of development. Fortunately I don’t seem to suffer from writers’ block! That’s probably because I spend more time thinking and listening than talking so my real ‘talking’ is through the written word.

Zabrina recognized I was tired after a few weeks non-stop at the keyboard. She was right – I did need a break but I didn’t want to venture too far.  My favorite beach in Negros Island is Sugar Beach, Sipalay but that was a good 3 – 4 hour drive. Not feeling up to that sort of drive we ended up driving  some 15 kilometers or so and ended up at Villa Iska, Punta Tay Tay, Bacolod. What a great little resort it is! The cool breezes from the ocean were worth every peso of admission money.

Relaxing Day Off
Relaxing Day Off

Hopefully we have seen the last of the recent bad weather. The last few days have been set fair with wall to wall sunshine and very hot temperatures. We live only a few kilometers inland but once we arrived at Villa Iska the first thing that hits you its the cooling effect of those ocean breezes. I wish I could bottle those cool breezes and sell them on Ebay!

The resort has good parking facilities and the entrance is guarded by a security man and a gate. It looks nothing from the outside except for the bright paints used on the walls and structures. Once you are inside the first thing you notice is the imported white sand. It’s a nice touch and makes you immediately feel as if you are in Boracay!

There is an entrance fee but all the prices are reasonable. We paid P100 for the adults and P50 for the kids. We also rented a cottage and that was P500. We stayed there most of the day so we got our money’s worth! We also ordered a sumptuous lunch including oysters, kinilaw, fish, pancit and grilled pork with the usual rice accompaniment. All that and a bottle of Coca-Cola including the entrance fees and cottage rent came to P2500 – not bad for 4 adults and 3 kids!

The resort has two swimming pools, one shallower than the other – one for kids and the deeper one for bigger kids and adults. The cottages surround the two pools making it easy to keep an eye out for what the kids are up to. A neat feature of the cottages is the intercom which we used to order coffee before we left for the day.


Needless to say the kids had a great time in the pool. Also needless to say I had a great time watching them and generally kicking back and forgetting all about writing for a few hours. But did I really forget?

Not really as I came up with a new idea for a new novel!

The title – “Cool Breezes” of course!

PS if you want to read a very good review of Villa Iska resort click here.



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  1. Sigrid Says Sigrid Says

    Hi Stephen! Thank for your kind comments. You have a lovely blog, too. And I am so happy to read that you had a great time at Villa Iska. Although it’s man-made, I love it there! I just wish I have the time to go back one weekend. Best regards, Sigrid 😀

    • And thank you Sigrid! I meant what I said about your blog. It’s wonderful and I hope more native Bacolodnans and expats like me who have made Bacolod our home, follow my link to your site. It is a great source of local info and I love the Vikings review. In fact I am getting hungry thinking about it 🙂

  2. Carol Carol

    Hi Stephen,
    What a wonderful break! You are making me jealous – particular as this morning in the UK the weather has been cold and foggy.
    Sounds like you have the ideal life as a writer. Wishing you all the best with your writing endeavours.
    By the way, dropped by for a visit, as you have recently followed me.

    • Hi Carol – I will have to start calling “Carols” who come here Carol #1 #2 etc 🙂 Yes I’m not complaining about my life here as a writer but I have to give credit to Zabrina who provides the “platform”,stability and inner peace for me to write! I certainly do not miss cold and foggy mornings back home. Thank you so much for dropping by and for your best wishes. I will carry on following your interesting blog and wish you every success. God Bless.

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