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Crafty Fartsy Opens in Bacolod: Party Events & Personalized Gifts

Crafty Fartsy? Good question. Who are they or what is it? And what does it/they do?

Luckily I’m in a position to tell you.

It specializes in,  and I quote from the Facebook page, ‘Personalized Products Free Personalization! Make any celebration better with personalized party supplies, gifts & more!’

It’s operated by my wife Zabrina. She works closely with good friend Shar Mayne who operates Michs N More Events and Coordination.

It specializes in party events and poses this question with the solution:

Planning a party and need something unique? 
We can help you, we are your one stop solution to your events and party. 

Together, they provide a one-stop solution for all party needs whether a birthday, Christening, small corporate functions etc. They are busy so I advise you book a date in advance and contact one of them through their Facebook pages (above) as soon as possible.

Personalized chocolate bars seem to be a favorite with orders coming in from not only Bacolod, but from Iloilo and Manila too. Look at an example below.


The party events can of course be themed as you can see in the photos below.

The one above is a jungle theme at a party held in Shakey’s Pizzas, Lacson Street recently.

The one below is for a boy who loves Lightning McQueen.

How cute is that?

Discuss your needs and get a fair price quoted for whatever you need. Join the other happy and contented customers but don’t forget – plan early. They are in demand and busy!

This is Zabrina and Shar Mayne in the center of the photo below.

Happy smiling people!

Contact them through their Facebook pages above please and not through this blog.

PS there are fringe benefits for me. Sometimes I get to eat the leftovers!

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