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Drugs Watch Philippines & UK

Drugs watch as a title was prompted by recent events in Bacolod and in Huyton, Liverpool, UK.

Then I checked the Huyton news story and I can find no connection to drugs. Huyton is where I grew up and lived for almost the first twenty years of my life. [Update: since writing that I have read the police have recovered a large amount of cash, guns and drugs in Huyton]

The Huyton incident involved a seventeen year old being shot in the head while riding on the back of a motorbike – a truly shocking and brutal murder.

My first instinct was to think it was drug related. I can be excused for that as the local paper, the Liverpool Echo, carries a gun crime story almost every day. They often end up with someone killed and many are drug related.

The Echo said this about the Huyton incident –

The 17-year-old was riding pillion on a bike on Lyme Cross Road when it reportedly smashed into a car knocking both he and the driver onto the ground at about 9.40pm last night, according to people living in the area .

Residents also described how the rider of the bike then got back on, drove away from the scene and left the injured teenager – who had to be taken to hospital where scans revealed he had a head wound consistent with being shot.

It has now been confirmed the young boy is dead.

The incident may have been sparked by youngsters racing around this area on scrambler motorbikes for this is what the Echo added –

At the scene today scores of other homeowners living around the police cordon expressed their concern about what had gone on and spoke about a scrambler bike problem in the area.

In a later edition of the Echo it was said –

Merseyside Police tonight issued a statement which said: “A murder investigation has been launched after 17-year-old James Meadows, who was critically injured in Huyton last night, Sunday, 8 October, was pronounced deceased this evening

A sad story that is a sad reflection on UK society today.

What has it got to do with Bacolod?

Motorbikes, young men and drugs have been in the news here recently.

A series of gunpoint holdups had happened in the city. Many of the local population were furious about this spate of crimes and there were demands for action by the police.

It was feared Bacolod was not safe any longer and crime was tarnishing the city’s monicker of the ‘City of Smiles.’

There were a number of Facebook posts criticizing the seemingly inactive police. But it appears they were doing their job behind the scenes. I say that because I saw a report detailing the arrest of one young man said to be behind the gunpoint holdups. His home was searched and he was found to be in possession of shabu, a home made .38 pistol, ammunition and a live grenade.

Shabu is the local name for ice or methamphetamine. It is highly addictive and its users commit crime to feed their habit.

The drugs epidemic is not confined to the Philippines or the UK. It is a worldwide problem.

I have strong views about the so called “war on drugs.” You can read about them in my book and my undercover cop experiences back in the UK.

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