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The Farmhouse at May’s Organic Garden Bacolod

The Farmhouse at May’s Organic Garden in Bacolod is a little gem. As the name implies, the food is all organic and natural ingredients.

It was a busy Sunday and this place wasn’t our first choice but I am so pleased we ended up there for lunch. It was busy out on the roads owing to huge swathes of Bacolod City being subjected to a scheduled brownout (power outage) for maintenance purposes.

First we went to Punta Taytay to try one of the restaurants specializing in fish. But they were ridiculously busy and the one we did go into did a nice line in loud “boom boom” music. If you can call it music! No thank you so we turned around and headed back through Sumag to The Farmhouse. Good choice!

They do a nice line in an all-day breakfast which to me was also ideal as a lunch or even Sunday brunch. I chose the bacon strips with rice and a fried egg, all natural of course. It was delicious. The native brewed coffee is included in the price too, and in case I haven’t mentioned it before Filipino coffee is very good.

They also do a terrific line in natural frozen yogurt. I have to say it was fantastic, tasty, creamy but light. We ordered the strawberry version with caramel and chocolate swirls then not satisfied with that, we also tried the yummy mango filled crepe with vanilla frozen yogurt topping. Sinful!

I almost forgot – we were hungry on arrival so ordered a chocolate chip cookie. Wow!

The Farmhouse sits next to the road and behind can be found the May’s Organic Garden Center. We did not go in but plan to make a future visit. This is what their Facebook page has to say about it:

May’s Organic Garden is a spin-off effort of RU Foundry & Eco Agri Foundation to showcase organic products & other organic farming technologies.

WE are true advocates of sustainable & responsible tourism!

Experience organic lifestyle at its best by following our sustainable practices in all the areas of the organic garden.

WE promote everything organic & natural, from the plants & animals
that you’ll see, to the organic garden’s amenities & food.

WE are enthusiasts of a clean environment! We want to maintain clean recreational spaces & clean air in & around the organic garden that is why we are observing a “NO SMOKING” policy in our premise.

Learn & study vermi-composting through seminars on how to produce organic fertilizers & other organic produce.

May’s Organic Garden & RU Eco Park Amenities & Activities:

Swan Paddle Boating
Horseback Riding

Mini Van
Golf Car
ATV Bike
Small & Big Canopies
Swing Cottage
Bahay Kubo’s
Tree House
Function Hall & Cabanas
Fully Air-conditioned Conference Hall

Perfect venue for:

Pre-Nuptial Pictorials, Garden Wedding, Birthday Party, Business Meetings, Seminar/Trainings, Family Gatherings, Educational Trips,
Team Building & other activities.

Our Organic Restaurant is open daily from 7:00am to 5:00pm to serve healthy and affordable food in Buffet or Turo-Turo style.

We also offer catering services for breakfast, lunch, snacks & dinner.

For reservation & inquiries, please call the following numbers:

Restaurant: (034) 444- 3610
0922- 920-1202

Office : (034) 444-3610
0917-707-4102 (globe)
0925-707-4102 (sun)

Sounds interesting!

The food and choice of cuisines here is one of the many things I love. They far outweigh the negatives, like the chaos on the streets 🙂

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  1. Wow! I’m glad to stumble upon your blog while looking for reviews of The Farmhouse. We’ve been away for 12 years and had been out of touch with my hometown. Keep up the blogging. Very interesting.

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