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Introduction to Bboying and Parkour

 Bboying and Parkour

No it’s not Word Wednesday but I bet for most of you bboying and parkour are two strange words. Want to know more? Here is my friend NicNac to explain all.

First though let me remind you about NicNac. He is a local young man and lives right here in Bacolod City. He contacted me some time ago expressing his love of writing and I encouraged him to send me something he had written. Click right here to read his work.

In the past few days he wrote to me again and asked for some help with his writing. My advice was the same as before – write and write some more. So he sent me the following:

bboying and parkour
NicNac in Action

Bboying and Parkour are my two favorite hobbies. Both of these involve a lot of physical movements but it is not necessarily that you need to be extremely strong. For me Bboying or breakdancing is an art of movement where in expressing yourself highly through dancing in every beat of the music which includes toprocks, footwork, freezes, power moves and backflips. Bboying started in New York as an element of Hiphop. It united a lot of people way back when it was founded and it still does.


This is why I love bboying because for me it is more than a culture or just an element of dancing. When I’m bboying I feel free expressing myself and sometimes I also inspire some people by doing it.

A bboy is what they call a practitioner of bboying. Some said it came from the word beat – boy or break boy. I am not sure though but I still love it. I believe bboy/bboying is a new word because if you’ll type this on Microsoft Word, you will see a spell check error. I believe this culture is still growing and the future of this culture lies in the next generation of bboys.


On the other hand, parkour my second favorite hobby may a little bit similar to bboying because still it involves expressing yourself in physical activities. But parkour involves more of physical strength. Parkour is the fastest way you can go from point A to point B or it involves jumping, climbing or rolling to obstacle objects to save time and in some cases it can save your life too.

What I really love about parkour, is that the way you can appreciate your environment and nature because you can do it anywhere and you can apply it in real life situations too. You can do this outdoor in rural places where there are trees to hang on, grass to do some flips, or big rocks where you can practice jumping.

Another benefit that I love from parkour, is that it makes me strong and energetic physically and make my mind sharp. For me parkour,  isn’t just about jumping from here to there or just doing some fancy flips. It is a discipline where you hone it for years and will make your mind sharp. I’m still new with practicing parkour though but I believe it is also a culture where you meet friends and inspire people too.

Parkour and bboying have a lot in common. This why I love both of these cultures. As a matter of fact, I use some of parkour moves in my bboy moves like the flips, rolls and handstand. It does require a lot of practice though but it is fun. Both of these cultures really gives me a lot of benefits physically and mentally. It makes me get energized and feel good every day.

Good thing about these two cultures is that I can do both these here in Bacolod City because there are some groups of people here that does Bboying and Parkour. And I am really thankful for them too for letting me in and helping me to learn more about this culture.

I am looking forward to become better on these two wonderful cultures and I’m hoping to inspire a lot of people. I also hope that Microsoft word will put the words bboying and parkour on their dictionary too. ^_^

Fantastic NicNac!!

If you would like to see more of NicNac, bboying and parkour, here is a link to his YouTube channel:


And here is an example:

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