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Masskara in Booming Bacolod

If you can’t make it this year why not visit Masskara in Booming Bacolod in 2016 for sheer fun and enjoyment?

Lacson Street Parade 2015
Lacson Street Parade 2015

It’s not just dance and music it’s a whole week of events in different venues throughout the city including pageants, parades, street dance competitions, fireworks and a whole ton of good vibes surrounded by what are possibly the smiliest and friendliest people in the whole of the Philippines! Bacolod – the City of Smiles 🙂

Stay a week or more and take in the other visitor attractions and beaches of Negros Island.


About Masskara Festival in Booming Bacolod

Masskara is a word coined by the late artist Ely Santiago and it combines the word ‘mass’ and the Spanish word ‘kara’ meaning face. The festival dates back to 1980 in the midst of a Philippines sugar crisis and the sinking of the M.V. Don Juan.

Following on from those tragic events the city’s artists, local government and civic groups banded together to lift the people’s spirits to create a festival emphasizing a smile owing to the fact that Bacolod is known as the City of Smiles. A fiesta was seen as an opportunity to encourage the population to put aside thoughts of gloom and “party’. That was the birth of the Masskara Festival in Booming Bacolod.

It is held in October of every year closes to Bacolod City’s Charter day on October 19th. The festival dramatizes the steadfast character of the Negrenses and symbolizes what the people of the City of Smiles do best – putting on a happy face and positive energy when confronted with challenges. [thanks to Kasadya Bacolod Development Foundation Inc. Masskara Facebook Page]

Masskara Pasaporte
Masskara Pasaporte

Masskara Festival is one extra reason why I chose Booming Bacolod to retire to.

Thanks to Vimeo and the above film makers for permitting sharing.
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