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Philippines Got Talent: Carlo Martin Yrure

Listen up! Carlo Martin Yrure is the man!! Yes it’s a fact – the  Philippines Got Talent! No matter where I go, no matter what I see, hear or read, this country has a rich abundance of talented people.

This post will concentrate on music and some of my latest friends I met here in Bacolod. First there is Carlo and man, what a talented guitarist he is as well as being a super friendly guy!

It was Carlo who encouraged me to exercise my vocal chords last Friday night and I wrote about that here.  Understandably I still want to call him Carlos after one of my music heroes Carlos Santana.

This is Carlo in action so listen – it is beautiful:


And here:

Yet more:

Click this link for a real treat if you are a Latin jazz fan like me. It will take you to one of Carlo’s videos but this time on Facebook.

Below is the link to Carlo’s YouTube channel. Please think about subscribing to it.

Carlos Martin Guitar 

I do hope to feature more local talent on these pages whether they be musicians or writers like  NicNac who I have previously featured.

So don’t be shy get in touch if you want to be featured here whether you are from Bacolod or elsewhere in the Philippines. And if you know anyone with talent let me know please.

Aiza, it’s your turn next 🙂

Philippines Got Talent!

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