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Rainbow Bagels in Bacolod

Danielle Des of the Thought Card piqued my interest when I saw that she had crossed New York to buy rainbow bagels. She was telling me how much they cost – Ouch! Mucho $$$$$$ …

Then I found out that a bagel store had opened right here in Bacolod selling rainbow bagels among many other yummy things. I took the family there earlier today to try them out. Good move!

2016-07-16 13.50.13

The rainbow bagels were delicious and so was the onion and chive cream cheese schmear (dip) that I chose to go with it.  One of the boys had soup. I had a spoonful and that was so tasty too. Not content with that, Zab offered me a portion of her cheese bagel. What can  I say? Yummy, also.

They also do a lighter colored rainbow bagel.

2016-07-16 13.32.55

I can see that this bagel store is going to be a regular watering hole. Not only for the bagels, but also for the Eggs Benedict on an English Muffin with Ham or Bacon, not forgetting the Salmon Gravlax on a bagel. I simply adore those two dishes!

Combine all that yumminess with a pleasant ambiance and great family ownership, I can see a booming future for Bagels by ELG in Booming Bacolod. The owners are good people. I spoke with Elsie and found her a pleasant and welcoming host. So too, her son Steve. He makes the bagels and learned his trade in California where they lived for some years before returning to their native roots in Bacolod. Thank you to both of you for bringing bagels to Bacolod!

Turning to Danielle again, look at the menu prices my friend. Better value than New York, don’t you think? 🙂

rainbow bagels

For your information the store is called Bagels by ELG and is located under the O Residences condo next to Robinsons Mall on Lacson Street.

After that calorific blowout, I just had to take some exercise. I’m a kid at heart 🙂


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  1. g g

    Total envy 🙂 having lived in places of the fines bagels in the world – Chicago, NYC, Hartford, London. I love bagels and the cream cheeses that can go with them, And If I could only find Hot Pastrami on rye with mustard.

      • g g

        Hartford, Connecticut is where I first experienced bagels. I am not talking about New York Style bagels you buy in the supermarket. Or those ridiculous excuses for using the name bagel as in bagel chips. I was selling shoes in Hartford. [Edit] ‘g’ this was such a great reply I turned the rest of your reply to Danielle into a blog post. Thank you

  2. Danielle Des Danielle Des

    I’m so happy you got a chance to visit and it’s a hit! I’m sure no wait like the one in NYC either. What’s the conversion rate? I wan to try to Dulce de Leche (Dominican right?) and the salmon — yummy! They also served the bagels in plates, now that’s classy!

    • No wait at all 🙂 One US dollar is about Philippine pesos 45 🙂 I think the Dulce de Leche is a house speciality but Bacolod is famous for many times of foods including Leche flan that I know as a creme caramel. The Philippines was ruled by the US for many years before independence and before then by the Spanish. So, there is a lot of Spanish influence on both food and some of the language.
      I agree about the plates. It is only a small place with seating for I guess about 30 customers. It’s a great hit with me 🙂 When are you coming to visit?
      [Edit] I just realized that the Dulce de Leche is one of their spreads. I did try it as one of the boys had it with his cheese bagel. It is a sweet taste (dulce) with some veggies in it. I liked it 🙂 Filipinos love sweet foods especially so in Bacolod. The island is known as the Sugar Bowl of the Philippines owing to the sugar cane industry here.

  3. Adam Lawrence Adam Lawrence

    Had to put my two (or 10 or 50) cents’ worth:

    I think Montreal, Quebec, can make a claim for a darn good bagel place. Places like St-Viateur Bagel or Fairmount Bagel: wood-fired ovens, where the bagel comes out kind of on the skinny side (at least compared to those pics from Rainbow Bagels, and, I think, in comparison to the typical NYC one), but is chewy and has a good density that I find is missing from most store-bought bagels.

    • One of my few travel regrets in life is that I never made it to Montreal. My brother, who was executive chef at the RBC Toronto, often spoke of the excellence of the food in Montreal and he always loved his visits there. He died in 2002 so I haven’t been to To or anywhere in Canada since his funeral. We always planned a trip together to Montreal. A good bagel must be chewy but never dry or stale like many store bagels.

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