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Have You Ever Seen The Rain? Or The Lightning?

It was close today! The lightning strike.

Watch that YouTube video. Just the first strike. Listen carefully. Can you hear a searing noise? I can.

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Now I’m no stranger to thunderstorms. But thunderstorms here in the Philippines are something else. I was taking my early afternoon nap when I heard the heavy rain start. Raindrops the size of saucers. Then I heard the searing sizzling noise and saw the brilliant white flash.

Boy, that strike was close! The thunder clap was simultaneous to the sizzling noise. It shook the aluminum windows of the house. You know what? Our two young boys slept through it 🙂

The humidity has been intense here lately. It’s funny how I’ve got used to it. I hardly sweat now. Just a permanent moistness of the skin.

I don’t know why but this CCC song was going through my head following today’s thunder storm –

Here is a poem I found about lightning

Lightning found on Hello Poetry

You’re like a white, hot flash of lightning.
Burning with passion and heated desire.
But just like a lightning strike, you never stay for long.
One flash, bursting across the sky, filling my heart with excitement,
then gone again.
And just like the lightning, you bring the thunder and the gale.
The darkness of a thousand rumbling clouds sweeping across my sky.
Shaking every branch of my being and rousing the rain from my eyes.
All in one flash, bursting across the sky, filling my heart with a beautiful dread,
then gone again. – Gaby Lemin

Rather sad.



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