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Takatuka Beach Resort Reopens with New Concept

It is good news that one of my favourite Negros beach resorts has reopened. In this case, it’s Takatuka Beach Resort reopens with a new concept. This is what they have to say on their Facebook page:

Yehey!!! Takatuka Beach Resort is OPEN now and looking forward to welcoming you at our newly built Reception/Convenience Store.

Our new concept allows you to bring your own foods and drinks, use our grill pits and shared kitchen – no corkage, no entrance fee!

Enjoy your overnight stay in our themed rooms and apartments with kitchenette or rent one of our beach shades/tables on your day trip. Try our BUTCHERS CHOICE products, snack on our pizzas, sandwiches and other nibbles while enjoying a chilled drink at the beach. We can’t wait to see you!

I have previously blogged about this resort before and the equally superb Bugana Beach Resort.

Does this finally mean we are returning to some kind of ‘new normal’? I hope so as me and my family miss Takatuka and Bugana.

The Takatuka page also carries this useful information about guidelines for tourist travel to Sipalay City.



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