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Travel Negros Island

Travel Negros Island is to be transformed in the next few years with the building of a new bridge linking Negros Occidental, Guimaras,  Iloilo and Cebu.  It should be a tremendous boost to the local economy as well as improving the infrastructure.

travel negros island

Apparently it is said that work will commence in 2017 and will cost $1 Billion. It will also become the longest bridge in the Philippines archipelago taking over that mantle from the one between Samar and Leyte.

Obviously there will be enormous traffic snafus during the construction period but hopefully it will be all worth it in the end.

One possible unforeseen byproduct will be the futures of the two local airports Bacolod-Silay and Iloilo. The latter already operates some international flights but Bacolod serves only domestic destinations. My bet is that Iloilo will continue to be developed as an international departure point at the expense of Bacolod. Whichever is the case I hope the choice of international flight departure points is improved. At present they remain largely Manila or Cebu.

Although the new bridge link will connect Western Visayas to Cebu island, it will still be a long haul drive say from Bacolod to Cebu airport via the new link. By way of contrast, the drive from Bacolod to Iloilo via the new link should only take about 2 hours or so.

The announcement of this exciting project is a manifestation of President Duterte getting government departments to work together in order to improve the infrastructure. I now hope he turns his attention to the electricity supply industry and also focus on providing all Filipinos with a reliable, high-speed and affordable internet service.

The new President seems determined to bring this country into the twenty first century.

This is one of the slogan messages on a government Facebook page –


I do hope that it all works out.

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