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Watch UK TV in the Philippines – No Dish Needed

There are times when British expats want to watch UK TV in the Philippines. Now you can and no dish is required.

With UK Expat Media, you can access over 300 channels of premium UK TV including many sports, drama, movie channels as well as the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, and virtually anything else you care to watch.

Sports includes all the Sky Sports, BT Sports, Eurosports channels as well as some U.S. sports channels. There are also the MUFC TV, LFCTV and Chelsea FC channels available. Movies include every single Sky Movies channel.

Not only do you get all that, but also catch-up TV and a whole vast library of movies and documentaries.

So, whatever your tastes there is something for everyone.

To find out the full channel line-up and to place an order click on this link.

Is it streaming?

No! It’s far superior to streaming. It’s IPTV, meaning you hook up your internet router to the set top box and “Mary’s your aunt!” You will need at least 2 Mbps speed and more is better to avoid picture instability and freezing.

Does it work?

You bet! [See the testimonial below]

Is it legal?

Yes. This is sourced legitimately and you will not lose service because of copyright enforcement legalities.

Is it expensive?

No way! For  £29 per month you have Premium access and you can pay monthly one month at a time unlike Sky UK where they force you to take out a minimum subscription of either 12 or 18 months. For  £29 you are getting what Sky UK would charge about £70 for!

You can pay 12 months in advance also and that reduces the nominal pro rata monthly subscription.

Does UK Expat Media supply the Set Top Box (STB)?

Yes, it’s a top of the range STB manufactured by Informir (beware of cheap Chinese imitations that don’t work).  It is available at a special price of £119 + shipping of about £20 to the Philippines (taxes included). This is a one-off purchase. It is your STB.

Is there Customer Support? 

Yes! And it’s there 24/7 through a chat line for your convenience.

Exactly How Does It Work?



Customer Reviews

There are many more customer reviews and you can see them all by clicking on this link to UK Expat Media.

I did mention earlier a testimonial and it takes the form of a “running commentary” by a Bacolod resident and British expat who kept me updated on the service provided by UK Expat Media after he had ordered and got it up and running. I reproduce it below with names edited out and the comments appear in reverse date order i.e. the most recent first:

Earlier today I watched Fawlty Towers with XXXX and YYYY…very funny of course. Do you remember in the opening titles where the Fawlty Towers letters on the sign were rearranged to spell something else.. an anagram in other words? Well……..YYYY  was reading them each episode….. She asked me…”What are….Flowery Twats”!!!!! Cue a sudden deafness on my part…….phew…got to be careful….hahaha.

I know you like the rugby – just watched the latest Lions game v The Blues….they lost 22-16…..losing is not and was not the problem but how we played.

I was flicking through the tv channels earlier and I came across one of my favourite ever tv programmes ” Great British Railway Journeys” with Michael Portillo………I watch 5 yes Five episodes….fantastic!

It is a good product for Brits living abroad and provided they are aware regarding internet and so on, it is well worth it.
Do you like Peter Kay? The reason I ask is I am watching his car share box set on the tv box. The whole show is where he is sharing his car to work and he is commenting on everything to his passenger. If you haven’t seen it then it is difficult to explain…but it is hilarious…..Bolton/NorthWest humour.

Anyway – aI have just discovered that there are 1800 videos to pick and watch on here. Some brilliant ones like “One night in Istanbul”. British war movies like “Reach for the sky”……..Monty Python films like “The life of Brian”…..”Fawlty Towers” and loads more. Very impressed with it now.
I found some more US sports channels….you have to wait longer for them to load but they are there.. NBC & CBS sports…looks like baseball, ice hockey stuff – but may be useful for friendly games with Liverpool or big fights.
List of catch up channels….

SkySports 1-2-3-4-5, SkyF1.


BT Sports 1-2-3

Setanta Sports, Premier Sports.

EuroSport 1 & 2

Box Nation, MUTV, LFCTV, MotorsTV.

BBC 1 – 2 -3 – 4, C4, C5, Challenge TV.

ITV 1 – 2- 3 -4, ITVbe, ITVencore.

E4, More4, Dave? 5Star, 5USA, Film4, PickTV, TruTV, RTE 1 & 2.

TV3, TG4, STV.

Sky 1 & 2, Alibi, SkyLiving, Sky Atlantic, TLC, Watch,3E.

Crime and Investigations, Fox.

ComedyCentral, Syfy, E Entertainment, Lifetime, PBS America

Gold, Drama, Universal,

CBS Action, CBS Drama, CBS Reality.

Food Network, Great Food, True Drama

SkyArts 1, Quest, Yesterdays.

Obviously there are more but I just concentrated on the ones we are most likely to watch. As you can see, we are pretty much covered with sport and the basic British channels….don’t forget these are catch up…….:-)
That package is pretty good and as you can see suitable for the UK tv. Get them to put the router close to your tv so you can easily fit the ethernet cable and give wifi the best chance of working.
XXXX went out today so I asked her to get a gold HDMI cable….just attached it and watching the cricket……the picture is fantastic. When you get yours you must get one – cost about 900 but well worth it.

Not understating it when I say I am “Over the Moon”.
I think the actual tv system is very good….they have a library of films, box set dvds etc to watch…..that was good
Lol – If you want movies there are loads of them too…..The traditional tv is there BBC 1 etc…so any FA Cup games on, we can watch them. XXX is happy as there is Nat Geo and Nat Geo Wild… Animal Planet and so on.
Just had a quick play before dinner……….excuse the language but…..F***ing Brilliant!!!!
Sky Sports like back home….. ZZZZ  is here and watching cartoon channels they don’t have here… picture quality is good. Soooo many more channels to delve into.

Now when first installed this customer received a message on-screen to say his box was not activated. These comments followed that event:

Okay – the problem! Simple really…..I hadn’t actually took out a subscription when I presumed I had because of filling in regarding which option I wanted. Anyway…I have paid for a year £290….so that is two months free.
The chat is excellent – probably one of the best I have tried. The man at the end if I had a few minutes so he could go through things with me on the remote etc…I said sure…..but by the time he had made his first reply I had grown a beard….lol… I ended it.

There you have it! Go to UK Expat Media and buy today!

PS and a big PS at that – you don’t have to live in the Philippines to get this service and you don’t have to be a Brit! As long as you reside outside of the UK, you are eligible to receive the service.

Many non-Brits love Brit TV – think Downton Abbey for example.

Please don’t contact me directly about UK Expat Media. There is a full 24/7 Chat Support system including pre-sales inquiries on the UK Expat Media website.


Disclosure: this post/page contains ethical affiliate links. I promote certain products and services that I have 100% confidence in. If you purchase as a result of clicking on my affiliate links, I receive a small commission. That commission is not added to the price you pay at checkout.



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