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What This Expat Does to Chill Out in Bacolod City

There is an answer to every question and the question What This Expat Does to Chill Out in Bacolod City certainly has an answer! Allow me some slack please as I know it isn’t a question 🙂

This post is a follow up to my last one about a great night out at the Hat Trick Sports Bar and Grill.

I don’t wish to say much about my singing as I have had better nights at the mic 🙂 Ultimately I don’t believe I will be giving up my “day job” of writing books!

In my defense, the invitation to sing with the band was both sudden and unexpected. Get Back is a song I have sung before but never Let It Be and I struggled with it.

My usual repertoire is House of the Rising Sun by the Animals, That’s Life by Frank Sinatra and Unchain My Heart by Joe Cocker.

I have even sung That’s Life mid-Atlantic on the maiden voyage of Cunard Lines’ Queen Elizabeth a few years back and I didn’t get thrown overboard. Come to think of it, I have sung that song in London, Spain, Greece and Australia.

No matter what you make of my singing voice, it isn’t as bad as some I have heard on karaoke nights. But it’s all about the fun really.

The real stars of this musical evening were Aiza the talented vocalist who was very kind to me and Carlo also very talented but with guitar in hand who encouraged me no end. It was also great to meet the other members of the band Deadman Gallardo and Sansan Nana Byoushi. All of these great people are now my Facebook friends and I hope to see a lot more of them.

I said that Aiza was kind to me and that was demonstrated by a comment she made on Facebook about my “appearance” on the stage. It was a compliment when she called it jamming!

You are all really cool people and I will come see you soon!

Now you know what this expat does to chill out here in Bacolod City 🙂


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