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White Chocolate Hills Resort

Another re-blog but this time from a local blogger Tony,  who operates the anorthernsoulweb. He blogs about “a bit of this and a bit of that.”

This post of his is all about the White Chocolate Hills Resort outside of Dumaguete here on Negros Island.

Tony is a resident of Bacolod and we have met and become firm friends. It helps also that we both originate about six miles or so from each other. He is from Widnes and I’m from Huyton.  We are both huge Liverpool Football Club fans and love sport in general.  Oh! And his wife is an excellent cook 🙂

This is his post:

Have you ever thought to yourself that it was time to get away somewhere? Somewhere that you can forget your everyday life and recharge our own batteries? Where to find this place? This scenario ha…

Source: White Chocolate Hills resort. – anorthernsoulweb

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  1. Tony Bushell Tony Bushell

    Thank you for that Steve, hopefully the feature on the resort helps anyone interested in visiting that area.
    Now – all we need is a win on Saturday against the champions Leicester City and all will be well with the world…well – almost 🙂

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