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Writing is Fun

I recently made the acquaintance of a young Filipino man who left a ‘Like’ on my Facebook Page.  His nickname is NicNac.  It turned out we were both members of the same writers Facebook Page. One of those groups where people hang who have interests in common. I discovered that he also lived in Bacolod so he was a neighbor of mine.   Through Facebook Messenger and emails I also found out that he loved to write but maybe he was lacking in confidence.

I decided to reach out to him and asked him to write me 1000 words on any subject he cared about. This is what he sent to me –

   “Writing is Fun”

Writing is a very fun thing to do because you can easily express your
thoughts right away in a piece of paper without exerting any much
effort or spending too much money. You can right anywhere due to its
handiness and you can write anytime you want.

I’m a pure newbie in writing and my writing skill is really poor but
that is another fun thing in writing. You don’t have to have a high
degree to write, you can just writing in your diary, journal or
anything and anywhere you want. I know I have a lot to work on to
improve my writing skills. I need to work on my grammar, punctuation
mark, spelling and writing style in order for me to become a writer.

I usually try to write every day at least a page of my journal on
anything I want to write for my writing style. I have this little
Basic English grammar book that I read time to time, even though the
information for grammar there is not that enough, I think it is better
than nothing at all. Of course I have also had a small Merriam Webster
Dictionary to search the meaning for a lot of English words that I
don’t understand.  Sometimes the Auto correct spelling of Microsoft
Word also helps me out on spelling, which is sometimes I’m not sure if
it’s a good or bad thing for my spelling improvement.

Even though I know that there are a lot of areas of improvement for me
in writing I still find writing as a fun thing to do, because whenever
I want to venture something out loud or to express something
unimaginable I could always express it in writing easily. Writing has
become my best friend eventually for this past week.

It is very cool and fun because you can jot some important and useful
information and you could either read it yourself some other time in
your life or pass it down to your next generation and they might learn
something from your information through writing. This makes writing
also very important in our life.

It may look like a very simple thing to do but what other doesn’t know
is that you are writing very powerful information that maybe someday
useful for the history of mankind. Trough writing you can deliver a
lot of fantastic things which is going on in your mind.

Ideas that want to pop up and be written down for the sake of the
history of information.  It is like tool where you can expand your
knowledge just in case you might forget it in your mind the next day
that is good thing why writing is there so you can review your notes
whenever you need it, without having any expensive material to save it

I’m still working at my writing style as well. Even though I write in
my journal everyday it still is clear that I am having a hard time
expressing my exact thought trough writing.  It looks like my ideas
are scattered everywhere and another thing might be because of my
limited words to use due to lack of vocabulary mastery. But the good
thing now is, I’m working on it in a fun way.

Even though I’m texting or chatting with my friends, I still consider
that as an area to improve my writing skill. So I still apply all the
same rule of writing which is mainly important and that is correct
spelling and correct grammar as much as I can to chat or text them. It
will really eat up my time but it is more than worth the effort to
apply my skills of writing for me to improve.

I always try to write anywhere and anytime as much as I can. For
instance just last week, I was waiting for my friend in a mall and I
was standing in the middle of it for almost an hour. Luckily my phone
has a memo app. What I did is I write anything that comes up in my
mind on that app while I was waiting for my friend to arrive. I was
truly amazed when my friend arrived after an hour and reviewed what I
wrote. It was like one of the longest non-stop writing I ever wrote.

But eventually I deleted it due to my phone’s memory got almost full.
But thing is I have fun writing in the middle of the mall and while
waiting for my friend. That is one thing why writing is cool and fun.

I sometimes express my opinion trough writing. Even though I know it
might not be relevant to my community because I know no one might read
it but, I still wrote it down though. It is very fun expressing out
your opinion even though your just writing them out because it makes
you feel free and makes your mind relax venting your opinion rather
than hiding them there forever.

So far this is one my longest writing entry that I have wrote so far.
I’m really aiming to reach out to make it a thousand words which make
my eyes always stick on the word count no. of Microsoft Word while I’m
writing this down now which is another fun and cool thing about

This is truly one of the most challenging writings that I have done so
far. I haven’t been challenged my mind to express and exhaust my
thoughts and ideas to be written down. I’m so happy that I have fully
used my brain to its limit and I’m still pushing it more to help me
improve my writing skill and I’m really grateful that I have touchdown
a thousand words and I did try to stick to my topic at the same time.

Writing could be fun in a lot of ways. It can be cool, challenging and
exciting and it would depend on how you express your thoughts on it.
Just enjoy writing every day, wherever and whenever you can.

Like for NicNac
Like for NicNac

I know it’s not perfect and English is not his first language  but I love the passion in his writing and you can sense his enjoyment in writing it. I would love to showcase young talented writers here on this blog. If there any more of you out there who would like to submit work (700 – 1000 words) for publication here then go to my Facebook Page and leave a message there. Writing is fun!
Well done NicNac and I hope you enjoy showing your friends your writing here on my blog 🙂

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  1. […] First though let me remind you about NicNac. He is a local young man and lives right here in Bacolod City. He contacted me some time ago expressing his love of writing and I encouraged him to send me something he had written. Click right here to read his work. […]

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