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Lightning Strikes Twice: FavFotoFriday

Back to lightning! It has been a theme of mine this week after I witnessed the spectacular reds and oranges of the distant heat lightning here in the Philippines. So, that proves lightning strikes twice 🙂 Let’s see what there is on the National Geographic website. Follow me! Streaking from a sky as red as the earth, lightning strikes the famous dome-shaped, sandstone monolith Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Australia. “I had heard a lot about how beautiful Uluru should look when it rains,” writes Christoph Schaarschmidt, who captured this image. “But I never believed that I would see it with my own eyes because the Red Centre of Australia is a very arid area.” Both of the above…

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Black and White: FavFotoFriday

This black and white photo is one of my favorite images of all time. I love black and white photographs. They simply seem more interesting than color.  Perhaps it’s a nostalgia thing? This photo below captures both the beauty of a black and white image and my love of football. I was probably about 8-years-old when I saw this pic in my Dad’s newspaper. I was big into scrapbooks at the time and I cut this photo out and pasted it into my football scrapbook. My Dad wasn’t amused as he hadn’t finished reading the paper 🙂 He was a well-known footballer of that era. See the Secret Content box below to find out his name and the club he played for. This pic below…

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Bantayan Island, Cebu: FavFotoFriday

It’s just over a year ago now that Zabrina and I had a trip to Bantayan Island, Cebu. We stayed at a resort in Santa Fe but decided to tour the island one day on a small motorbike. That is one of the things I love about the Philippines – a lack of over-regulation. To rent a motorbike back in the UK is a pain. First off, you need to find a dealer that rents bikes out. Second, you need to show your license. Third, they will ask for a huge deposit. In Bantayan, we asked the resort chef where we could rent a bike for the day. “No problem” he answered, pointing towards his own bike. For 200 pesos (about £3) we had his…


FavFotoFriday: Leicester City

For those of you that don’t know Leicester City have just been crowned champions of the English Barclays Premier League. It is one of the toughest leagues to win in football anywhere in the world. Leicester City have come from nowhere to do it. In fact they were almost relegated from that league only last season.  They are one of the unfashionable clubs and their success this season has been cheered on by many true supporters of other clubs. It has been described as the Cinderella story of English football. This success is deserving of a place in #FavFotoFriday and not only because of the phenomenal nature of their achievement. It combines my love of photography and sport. Well done the Foxes!   Embed from…

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FavFotoFriday: Friends and Family

There is nothing in life more enjoyable than friends and family. These pictures are of my family in the Philippines. I am a lucky man. So what better than friends and family as the theme for this week’s #FavFotoFriday? The photos also show my good friend Phil from England with his Filipina girlfriend, Marilyn. Her home is close to Dumaguete and Phil was visiting there recently so an opportunity arose to go and meet them. An opportunity I was not going to miss. You may also note many of these photos involve food! The people of the Philippines love to eat! And, so do I! One of my other favorite pastimes is drinking beer as you can see. San Mig Pilsener agrees with me 🙂…


FavFotoFriday: Eyes

Embed from Getty Images FavFotoFriday Eyes are the theme of this week’s FavFotoFriday. Just like last week I have moved away from using my own collection of photos. Why not? I am running short of inspiration. One good reason to look elsewhere for photographic inspiration is in Getty Images . I can use (legally) some of the best photos available. And shot by real experts! I have always had a fascination with eyes, whether they are unusual as in the above picture, or just stunning. Here is a small selection of some I found at Getty Images.   Embed from Getty Images   Embed from Getty Images   Embed from Getty Images   Embed from Getty Images   Embed from Getty Images Oh my! I could…

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Smile – FavFotoFriday

Today’s #FavFotoFriday theme is smile. Nothing warms the heart more than a friendly smile and a kind face. I hope you like my selection of smiles. They are all ‘creative commons’ I found on Flickr. The decision to look beyond my own collection was partly brought on by a need to smile! It’s been a strange week. So I thought I would cheer myself up and hopefully you too 🙂 I don’t know about you but I for one will be glad when all these elections are over. I’m sick of politics and politicians. Let’s have some fun and smile our way through life! Here they are and no preferences of mine are suggested by the running order –            …

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Grass Roots Football – FavFotoFriday

‘Grass Roots Football’ is a joy to watch. You can see kids playing the game as it was intended. With joy, passion and in the right spirit (mainly). You can also witness the skills of the ‘beautiful game.’ Grass Roots Football Coaches One of the many pleasing aspects of life here in Bacolod is a thriving football community. I have had the pleasure of meeting local coaches like Robel Ramos of Bacolod and Coach Eleazar of Cebu. They have a passion for the game that is passed on to the youngsters. Thanks to the two of you and all the other coaches throughout the world that give up their own time to provide this service. The shot above is a study in concentration. Note the…


Origins – FavFotoFriday

My origins lie in the North of England. To be precise they lie are in Accrington, Lancashire. Although unsubstantiated rumor has it that I was created in Morecambe, Lancashire in about July 1946. Mum and Dad were on honeymoon in that Lancashire seaside town at that time. Strange, I don’t remember it 🙂 Although my origins lie in Accrington (or Morecambe) I was forged in Huyton, Liverpool. That is where I grew up from the age of 12 months. My father joined the Liverpool City Police Force in 1946 and Mum and I moved there in 1948. All this is a slight departure from the origins of FavFotoFriday. A series inspired by Sandy of Scribbles and Musings. But, what the heck, they are still favorite photos and…


Whale of a Time – FavFotoFriday

Whale Ahoy! Friday again! Tempus Fugit! Weekends are synonymous with having a whale of a time so what better subject than whales for this week’s #FavFotoFriday? A customary thanks once more to Sandy of Scribbles and Musings for inspiring this weekly feature. You will hear more of Sandy over the weekend! These pictures were all shot on a whale watching trip off Cape Cod. It was an eventful day especially when a whale actually did appear. It brightened up what was otherwise a gray day. It was a typical sunless North Atlantic day and reminded me of being back in the UK. It was a humpback whale.  This is what National Geographic has to say: Humpbacks are powerful swimmers, and they use their massive tail fin, called a fluke, to…

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