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Faces – FavFotoFriday

FavFotoFriday Time Again – Faces

“Faces”  are the subject matter of this week’s post in the FavFotoFriday series inspired by my blogging friend Sandy. It appears that she took her inspiration from the WordPress Daily Post blog. The original idea was to  write an article on your blog about photos that you took in the preceding week. Hell! I haven’t got time to shoot pictures these days with all the writing stuff! So, I cheat a little by rummaging through my old Flickr albums. But, I won’t tell if you don’t 🙂

It’s a bumper version of FavFotoFriday today as the feature will return in two weeks owing to Christmas Day falling on next Friday.

These photographs of people’s faces in my Flickr collection  were nearly all taken with a Canon camera and long zoom lens. I like to capture great expressions on the faces without the subject being aware that I am there. It’s only then that you can capture those really natural moments.

Natural Story Teller

The photo above was taken at a wedding in California where I was an invited guest. This wonderful lady, in her 80s at that time, was in full flow in the middle of a story. If she had been aware of my camera it would have spelled disaster for the shot and, more importantly, her punch line!


Fading Sunlight & Shade

The young man in the above picture is the grandson of the wonderful old lady. I like this picture for its contrast between the fading sunlight and the shadows. It kinds of adds an extra dimension to the end result.


‘Obby ‘Oss Festival, Padstow, Cornwall, England

The pictures of the faces in the crowd above and below were taken at the famous ‘Obby ‘Oss Festival in Padstow, England.


Young Boy on Man’s Shoulders – ‘Obby ‘Oss Festival

The two photos shown below were both taken on the same deserted and windswept beach at Cervantes, Western Australia. The top picture appears to show the subject looking at the camera. He may well have been looking but I was far enough away to capture an unguarded moment.


Windswept Beach, Cervantes, Western Australia



Youthful Face – Cervantes Beach

Below are pictures of local children in a Masai village in Kenya. They were not taken with a long lens and as you can see the two kids appear transfixed by the sight of my camera.

The bottom picture also shows the coloring pens that our group gifted to the kids. We were warned in advance that was the most useful gift we could give so that they could use the pens in the small local village school run by missionaries.


Child in a Masai Village, Kenya



Masai Child

Back to a long lens for the photo below to capture the face of this elderly Mexican lady with her basket of goods that she was trying to sell.


Street Vendor, Mexican Border Town

Weddings are a happy event. This man below was obviously enjoying life and perhaps the sound of the bagpipes?


Smiling Man outside a Wedding

This photo below is one of my all time favorites. I took it at a wedding (obviously) in Atlanta, GA.  No one else got this shot (as far as I am aware) including the hired professional photographer. I am proud of that! But more to the point, it captures perfectly a very private emotional moment between the beautiful bride and her father while they were on the dance floor.


Bride Crying While Dancing with Her Father
Bride Crying While Dancing with Her Father

I know Karen, the bride in question, loves these photos of her with her father, so I will post some more faces from her memorable Atlanta wedding –

Bride and Father
Family Bonds

To borrow a phrase from Monty Python – “and now for something completely different”. A retro pic of me in my Boy Scout days –


Stephen Bentley Lights Fire As Boy Scout

Christmas is on us and besides it being a time for merrymaking, it is also the time for families. My thoughts turn to family members who are no longer with us. That includes my dear brother who I loved so much and miss like hell!


My Brother

It is Christmas so I finish with these shots of  brothers and the Christmas tree. I was experimenting with a fixed lens at the time and with low light photography. I was pleased with the results and yes, I admit to the filters and Lightbox effects!


Christmas Anticipation



Happy Christmas Boys




I wish you all a very Merry Christmas wherever in the world you happen to be. God Bless!

I almost forgot – the answer to last week’s FavFotoFriday question is Buckingham Palace.

If you would like to see all of these photos I took and all of my albums of FavFotoFriday pictures then please click here and you can view them at my Flickr account.

To those of you who are keen photographers, the full data and EXIF is displayed on Flickr. If you require any download of any images please contact me as ©All Rights Reserved.


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