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FavFotoFriday: Wonderful World

Wonderful World sounds like a cue for a song! Wrong!

It’s the cue for this week’s theme in #FavFotoFriday inspired by my blogging friend Sandy of Scribbles and Musings.

As Sandy has pointed out to me, I am fortunate enough to have traveled fairly extensively and visited some wonderful countries and places.

It’s difficult for me to select a favorite place  or even favorite places as I have marveled at so many in my travels. Each is unique.

I am forcing myself to limit it to two choices although it could have been twenty, forty or more!

Wonderful World Choice One

… has to be Hong Kong especially the harbor. It’s a hive of activity with the ferry boats and all kinds of craft large and small on view. I had a sense of belonging there, a kind of deja vu though I had not previously visited there. I think I may be a sucker for ports and harbors, having been brought up in Liverpool in the days when it was a thriving port.

Indeed, some of the Hong Kong  ferries used to ply their trade across the River Mersey in Liverpool. Ferry Across the Mersey? A cue for another song?

Wonderful World
Hong Kong Harbor at Night

Why do I like this shot? Hopefully, for the same reasons as you! It is chock full of atmosphere. I can feel the humid night air as I gaze at the photo. Do you?

The laser show adds to the vibe as do the ferries moored at the landing stage on the left. Victoria Peak can be seen in the right background.

Wonderful World Choice Two

… has to be San Francisco Harbor.

San Francisco
San Francisco

This shot taken from close to Pier 39 shows the formidable Alcatraz prison in a fog-shrouded ‘Frisco Bay. I like the city and its food. A short stroll from Pier 39 is Fishermans Wharf, a seafood lovers heaven.

Where are your favorite places in this wonderful world?

So, I said to myself, what a wonderful world! – Satchmo


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  1. Adam Lawrence Adam Lawrence

    Great, great shot of Alcatraz in the background of the San Fran shot.

    As far as Canadian scenery that I’m familiar with, it’s hard to beat Signal Hill or Battery Road (little village built into the side of a mountain) in St. John’s, Newfoundland. (Of course, there’s also those blue, crystalline icebergs that float by or into the harbour from time to time.) Cabot Trail in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, is beautiful to see up close: I drove through it during a wind storm and got some great views of stormy seas.

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