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LBC Shipping Cart ( # 1 Inexpensive Shop N Ship Philippines)


Hi! And Salamat!

I am a foreigner living here in the Philippines and intend staying here in your wonderful country for ever. My name is Steve and I live in Bacolod, Western Visayas.

One of the few things I do miss about living back in the UK is the ease of online shopping. I know there is Lazada and Zalora here but I miss being able to buy sports wear online. Even in the UK I often shopped at the USA because I found it less expensive than

Now I have discovered that I can still shop at while in the Philippines and have the items shipped here using the LBC Shipping Cart.

This website will serve as your guide through Amazon shopping in the Philippines. If you’re wondering, Amazon doesn’t operate yet in your country, but this isn’t a problem because you can easily ship products from Amazon to Philippines. That’s right, is the largest online store! Although it hails from the US, nowadays anyone can shop instantaneously from diverse countries.

Below, we have listed the best and easiest way to ship Amazon merchandise right to the Philippines. After checking it out, you should find shopping at Amazon so exciting and remarkable.

Before you follow any of the steps, you should have an Amazon account already, and a credit/debit card. Most of the following guide is readily available on the internet but I have gathered it here for your convenience.

Please bear in mind that the “I” mentioned below is not me. I have tried and tested this system and it works. Click here to read about my experiences with LBC Shipping Cart and Amazon.

A digital camera is my next buy on Amazon but I’m not sure yet if it will be a Canon or Nikon. Don’t forget you can also buy used digital cameras on Amazon.

LBC Shipping Cart is a great way to shop n’ ship from the USA right to your door in the Philippines.

Do you want to shop at U.S. Online Stores while in the Philippines? Shipping a product internationally can be a problem and LBC Shipping Cart is our best solution.

When I’m shopping at, I always use a third party shipping service like Shipping Cart by LBC. This is definitely the best way to ship your shopping items from US to Philippines as it will help you save a lot of time and money. Shipping Cart will provide you a virtual U.S. shipping address, which does all the trick. This allows you to manage your orders from the U.S. and have them ship to your Philippine home address safely. The process will also prevent the Philippine Bureau of Customs on getting hold of your items that could only lead to high taxes.

Now Here are the Easy Steps

1—- Create an LBC Shipping Cart account

Head over to and register.  Once your account is created, you will be provided with a Virtual US address – this is the shipping address that you’ll have to use when shopping at Amazon. The address can be easily seen on the left side of their website. Here’s a screenshot below:

2—- Start your Shopping at Amazon!

Head over to and add items to your shopping cart. I actually ordered 3 items – a corset, watch and a headset. During checkout, the shipping address you must enter should be the  Virtual US address provided by Shipping Cart. Here’s a screenshot from Amazon’s website:

3—- Confirm the Shipment

LBC will immediately notify you through email once your orders are delivered.  You must log in to Shipping Cart’s website ( to confirm the shipment going to Philippines. If you don’t see any stored items, you may need to wait a few more days. Mine took roughly 4 days before it got displayed on their website, so just be patient. You’ll see the details under the My Storage tab. Here’s a screenshot:

The 3 items only cost 1,155 Pesos to ship to the Philippines. LBC also allows you to choose either Sea Cargo or Air Cargo (Sea Cargo is for heavy or bulky items). They also give you the opportunity to insure your freight for free up to $500. After selecting your preferred options, just hit the button that says, “Ship It.”

4—- Pay the Shipment

After the confirmation, you’ll have to choose your payment method and shipping address. For payment, you can select Cash (through an LBC Branch), Credit Card, or PayPal. For shipping address, just enter your Philippine home address or wherever you want the package to be delivered. Once you have chosen your preferred options, just hit the button that says, “Pay & Ship.” Here’s a screenshot:

Considering that they were shipped from the States, that’s not bad at all.




Here are the FAQs reproduced from the LBC website –


Got questions? Take your pick from our comprehensive list of FAQs for the answers you need. Can’t find the answer you need? Send us an email at Our Customer Care team is available Mondays through Fridays, 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. PHT.



What is Shipping Cart?

The Shipping Cart through a web application provides customers with a convenient means to ship goods purchased from U.S. online stores to their selected addresses in the Philippines by providing a free U.S. address and an intuitive interface that enables them to simply consolidate, pay for shipping, and ship their goods with utmost transparency and ease

As a service, the Shipping Cart delivers goods that have been shipped from the U.S. directly to customers’ addresses.

What are your operating hours for accepting and processing items?

The Shipping Cart U.S. Warehouse team accepts your items and ships them out from Mondays through Fridays, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time (PST) or Tuesdays through Saturdays, 1:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Philippine Time (PHT). It is closed on U.S. holidays.

Our Customer Care team in the Philippines is ready to assist you Mondays through Fridays, 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. PHT, and is closed on Philippine holidays.

How do I contact Shipping Cart?

You can contact our Customer Care team at

How does Shipping Cart work?

When you checkout stuff from U.S. online stores, use your Shipping Cart U.S. Address and your account number as your delivery address. We will email you when your goods are accepted and queued for processing at the Shipping Cart U.S. warehouse.

Processing consists of weighing and photographing of your goods while they are inside the packaging of the U.S. courier. This may take several days, depending on the volume of shipments the Shipping Cart warehouse is handling at the time.

After your goods have been processed, we will send you an email notifying you that you have new items in your Shipping Cart storage, which you can access via your Shipping Cart dashboard. When you are ready to ship your goods, simply select which items you want to send to your address in the Philippines (My PH Address), select your shipping and payment method, and pay for shipping fees. Once you have paid, we will email you confirming your payment. Sit back and relax while we consolidate your goods and prepare your package for shipping to the Philippines. We will notify you via email once your package is in transit, as well as give you your tracking number so you can track the status of your shipment.

Depending on what mode of shipping you have chosen (Air or Sea Cargo),  your package will be delivered to your front door.

Can I ship items that require special handling via Air Cargo?

Yes, you can. However, the rate for these differs from regular Air Cargo, as they are subject to special care. You will need to visit our Items with Special Handling Page to see if your items are part of the list.

There are certain items that are prohibited from entering the country, according to Philippine Law. Shipping Cart will not process any shipments for these items under any circumstances. It is important to know what these are to avoid any inconvenience.

For a detailed list, visit our Prohibited Items page.

How do I create a Shipping Cart account?

Go to and click Register. Fill in the necessary fields.

As soon as you have confirmed your registration, an email will be sent to you containing your free Shipping Cart U.S. address and unique account number. If you can’t find the email in your Inbox, check your Spam folder.

What is my Shipping Cart U.S. Address?

This address serves as your U.S. delivery address, which you should use when shopping in U.S. online stores. This ensures that the goods you purchased are delivered to Shipping Cart.

This is different from the Philippine address (My PH Address) you will ship to when your item/s arrive to Shipping Cart.

Your Shipping Cart U.S. Address also includes your unique account number (i.e. Account # PH99-000000) and a U.S. phone number, all of which are needed when you purchase from U.S. online stores.

Is my Shipping Cart U.S. address a PO box?

No, it is not though some U.S. online stores may consider it a forwarding address.

Can I have multiple Philippine addresses in my Shipping Cart account?

Yes. To add or change your default My PH Address, simply click the My Account tab in your dashboard.

Why do I get the error message “Invalid Username/Password” when I log in?

Step 1: Make sure that CAPS LOCK is disabled when entering your password
Step 2: Make sure that your login ID is the email address you used to register for your Shipping Cart account
Step 3: If you still can’t log in, please reset your password.

How do I reset my password?

Step 1: Go to and click on Reset My Password
Step 2: Enter your login ID (email address)
Step 3: Click send and we will e-mail you a password reset link
Step 4: Click on the link and enter your new password

Why do I get the error message “Email address not recognized” when I try to log in?

You may have entered a login ID different from the email address associated with your Shipping Cart account. Log in with the correct email address.


How do I track the delivery status of my goods from the U.S. online store I bought from?

If you don’t yet have your tracking number, use your order number to follow up delivery from the U.S. online store you purchased from.

If you have your tracking number, use it to track your package on the website of the U.S. courier (i.e. DHL, UPS, and FEDEX). If your item/s has already arrived to the Shipping Cart U.S. warehouse, the status will reflect that it has been delivered.

How do I know that my item/s have arrived to my Shipping Cart Address?

Once our U.S. office accepts your item/s from the U.S. courier, we send you an email notification. Your item/s will appear in your dashboard after it has been processed. You will be notified via email when your item/s can be viewed in your storage.

I’ve received notification from the U.S. online store that my item/s was delivered to my Shipping Cart U.S. Address. Why haven’t I received notification from the Shipping Cart team that it was accepted?

Shipping Cart is closed on weekends and holidays. If your item/s arrived at this time and nobody is around to accept it, the U.S. courier will deliver it on the next business day.

I received a notification from the U.S. courier regarding the failed delivery of my package? What does this mean?

It means that your package was delivered after operating hours on Friday, or over the weekend. Don’t worry, as the U.S. courier will deliver your package on the next business day.

Will you inspect my goods?

Yes. Shipping Cart reserves the right to inspect all items delivered in your name without giving you prior notice. We check to ensure your item/s is in good condition, as well as photograph it before it appears in your storage.

What takes place when my item/s is processed?

Your item/s is weighed and photographed along with the packaging from the U.S. courier. The details are then uploaded to your account.

Where can I view photos of my item/s?

Step 1: Log in to your Shipping Cart account
Step 2: Under My Items click on View Details
Step 3: Click on the download link if you want to save a copy
Step 4: If you see any inconsistencies or damage, please follow the RMA (Return to Merchant Authorization) steps.


Is my item/s safe at my Shipping Cart U.S. Address?

Yes. Only Shipping Cart employees who are trained in all Transportation Security Administration (TSA) rules and regulations will have access to your goods.

Will you contact me if there is a problem with my package?

Yes, we will contact you via email.

There are instances wherein U.S. government agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and the United States Customs and Border Protection (US CBP) perform random inspections, which may lead to delays. Shipping Cart will inform you of such delays as soon as possible.

How long can I store my item/s?

Storage is free for the first 30 days from the date your item/s were accepted by our U.S. office. If your item/s exceed the free storage period, a charge of $0.14 per pound per day will apply. This will reflect in your shipping cost when you ship your item/s.

Shipping Cart reserves the right to dispose of item/s left in storage beyond 90 days without giving prior notice.

How do you compute for storage fees?

Shipping Cart computes for storage fees as follows:

Chargeable Weight x US$0.14 x Number of days x Shipping Cart Exchange Rate

The exchange rate is subject to change

How do you compute for Shipping Fees?

Shipping fees are computed based on the following formulas:

AIR & SEA CARGO = Chargeable Weight (whichever is higher between Actual Weight or Volumetric Weight) x Rate + Fixed Fee

All rates are computed using pounds as the unit of measurement and U.S. Dollars, then converted to Peso using the Shipping Cart exchange rate, which is subject to change.

Please note that despite the industry standard of rounding up the chargeable weight to the nearest pound, we do not round up for Air and Sea Cargo.

What is the Shipping Cart exchange rate based on?

The Shipping Cart exchange rate is based on the exchange rate used by major U.S. online stores (i.e. Amazon)

What is the formula for Volumetric Weight?

Volumetric Weight is computed as follows:

Length (inches) x Width (inches) x Height (inches) of the item in its packaging (from the U.S. courier) / 166

How do you measure my item/s?

We do so via ParcelCube, a static dimensioning system, which is properly calibrated and certified.

ParcelCube does not measure irregularly shaped items. This is why we measure your item/s inside the packaging of the U.S. courier.

Why are your measurements different from the dimensions provided by the U.S. online store I purchased from?

When we weigh your item/s, we do so, including the packaging of the U.S. courier.

When you want to make comparisons, please check the measurements provided by the U.S. courier, and not those provided by the U.S. online store you purchased from, as they are more accurate.

What are your rates?

For detailed info, click here.

What are the payment methods available to me?

Shipping Cart offers you several secure payment options:

• Credit Card (Visa/MasterCard)*
• PayPal [link to]
• LBC Over-the-Counter (OTC)

* Shipping Cart does not store your credit card information online.

How does payment via LBC Over-the-Counter work?

Step 1: When you are ready to ship, choose LBC OTC as your payment method
Step 2: An email containing instructions and your transaction number will be sent to the email address associated with your account. Check your Spam folder if you can’t find it in your inbox.
Step 3: Follow the instructions and pay in cash at any LBC branch.
Step 4: Another email will be sent to confirm your payment.

Does Shipping Cart offer COD (Cash On Delivery)?

No, Shipping Cart does not offer COD under any circumstances. We also don’t accept packages with incomplete postage (“postage due”).

Will my shipments be taxed?

All goods imported into the Philippines are subject to Customs Duty and Internal Revenue taxes. Shipping Cart rates are inclusive of taxes.

Is there shipping insurance, and how is it calculated?

For shipping insurance that is above US$500 per shipment, we charge 4% of the insured value. Anything below that is free.

What is insured/declared value?

Insured/declared value is basically how much you paid for an item. It’s important to be as accurate as possible when setting the insured/declared value of an item as it determines how much insurance is assigned to your shipment.

How do I use a promo code?

Once you know your code, sign in to your Shipping Cart account and review your package information. Make sure the payment option your are using is applicable to the code. When you’re ready to pay, enter the code in the field provided. If entered correctly and within the promo duration, your shipping fee will reflect the discounted amount. Click Pay and Ship.

What if my actual shipping fee is less than the discount indicated by the promo code? Will you reimburse the balance?

If your shipping fee before applying the code is less than the discount indicated by the code, Shipping Cart will not reimburse you the balance. Your shipping fee will amount to Php0.00

I.e. The shipping fee before applying the code is equal to Php1500. You receive a code that entitles you to Php2,000 off your shipping fee. We will not reimburse you the Php500 and your shipping fee will amount to Php0.00.

What if my actual shipping fee is not much greater than the discount indicated by the promo code?

If your shipping fee before applying the code is not much greater than the discount indicated by the code, Shipping Cart will still charge you the remaining amount.

I.e. The shipping fee before applying the code is equal to Php1501.00. You receive a code that entitles you to P1500 off your shipping fee. You will still need to pay a shipping fee amounting to Php1.00.

How long does it take to ship to the Philippines?

It takes 10 business days via Air Cargo and 45 business days via Sea Cargo.

Is there a shipping quantity limit?

Yes, there is. Shipping Cart can process a maximum of 12 pieces of the same item per transaction.

Shipping Cart will not process items in commercial quantities. The Philippine Bureau of Customs (B.O.C.) defines commercial quantities as 13 pieces or more of the same item.

i.e. 15 bags of different colors and brands are considered 15 pieces of the same kind of item (bags) therefore a commercial quantity; 20 pairs of shoes of different sizes and brands, are considered 20 pieces of the same kind of item (shoes) therefore a commercial quantity.

This applies to any and all items.

Do you consolidate?

Yes, we do. When you’re ready to ship your items to the Philippines, you can ship them individually, or wait for your other items to arrive (if any), consolidate, and then ship.

What do the airplane and boat icons mean?

The airplane icon means you can ship your item/s via Air Cargo; the boat icon means you can ship via Sea Cargo. If you see both, then you may choose your preferred shipping method.

How do I ship my goods?

Step 1: Log in to your Shipping Cart account then click on the My Storage tab to view your item/s.
Step 2: Tick the checkbox to the left of the item
Step 3: Choose a shipping method and make sure to set the declared value of your item.
Step 4: Once you have reviewed your shipping fee, click Ship It. You will be redirected to the Checkout page.
Step 5: Select your payment method and the address you want to send the package to.
Step 6: Click Pay and Ship

I want to send multiple shipments to different recipients, how do I do this?

Step 1: Log in to your Shipping Cart account

Step 2: Under My Account go to your my PH address
Step 3: Add the addresses of the desired recipients
Step 4: When you’re ready to ship, select your payment method and the address you want to send the shipment to on the Checkout Page.
Step 5: Click Pay and Ship.
Step 6: To send another shipment, click on Ship More on the success page.

Can a relative or friend send an item/s to my Shipping Cart U.S. address?

Yes, as long as the item is addressed to an existing Shipping Cart user. Package details should contain your name and account number.

Shipping Cart reserves the right to refuse, return, or discard any item/s intended for someone not registered with Shipping Cart or whose identity has not been verified.


How do I track the delivery status of my item/s from the U.S. online store I bought from?

If you don’t yet have your tracking number, use your order number to follow up delivery from the U.S. online store you purchased from.

If you have your tracking number, use it to track your package on the website of the U.S. courier (i.e. DHL, UPS, and FEDEX). If your item/s has already arrived to our U.S. office, the status will reflect that it has been delivered.

How do I track my shipment to the Philippines?

Once your order is in transit to the Philippines, we will send you an email notification with the tracking number. You may view your tracking details by logging in to your Shipping Cart account and clicking on the My Shipment tab.

Track the status of your shipment by entering the tracking number in the field provided. REPLACEMENTS, RETURNS & CLAIMS
What should I do when my item/s that arrive to Shipping Cart are damaged or not the item I purchased?

You will need to file an RMA (Return to Merchant Authorization) if this is the case. Most U.S. online stores will replace the item at no additional cost. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Click on View Details and download the image of the damaged/incorrect item accepted by Shipping Cart.
Step 2: Go to the online store where the item was purchased and look for the Returns and Replacement link (or contact their customer service).

Step 3: Request for a RMA. The Shipping Cart team needs this document to ship the damaged/incorrect item back to the merchant.
Step 4: Send the RMA to with the following details:

• Item Description
• Your Shipping Cart email and account number

Shipping Cart will notify you once a replacement has been received.

Disclaimer: Please note that Returns and Replacements are subject to the U.S. online store’s policies. Shipping Cart has no control over these policies, and will not coordinate in any capacity with these online stores on the customer’s behalf.

How do I return an item/s to the merchant?

Check the merchant’s return policies and contact them directly to arrange either an exchange or a refund. Once settled, they will issue you a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) reference number and possibly a return label.

These actions along with specific return instructions coming from the merchant should be coordinated with Shipping Cart by emailing

Please note that as the buyer, you will be liable for any shipping fees, duty, ta

tax and any other charges incurred during the shipment of items for return.

How do I file a claim?

All claims for any damaged, missing items must be made in writing to Shipping Cart within 14 days from the date of delivery. Please include a copy of the item’s original invoice and photos of the item with your claim letter. All claim correspondence must be emailed to with the email subject as follows:


(Subject: SHIPPING CART CLAIM: Juan de la Cruz, Acct #99-000000)

I hope that is a help. happy Shopping!



Disclosure: this post/page contains ethical affiliate links. I promote certain products and services that I have 100% confidence in. If you purchase as a result of clicking on my affiliate links, I receive a small commission. That commission is not added to the price you pay at checkout.


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