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Golf in the Philippines

Little did I think I would seriously consider playing golf again. I used to play a lot until arthritis struck. An arthritic hip makes it difficult to play golf.

But … today I had the most wonderful day out and it culminated in a visit to Victorias Milling Company Golf and Country Club, near Canetown, Victorias City just outside of  Bacolod. As a result, I am now serious about giving the game another try. Take a look at these pictures and you may understand why I feel like I do.

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The lower of the two pictures shows the 18th green away to the right. Both of the top two pics are taken from the club house. Look at that amazing scenery, beautiful trees, lush fairways and manicured greens. Wow!

I loved it there and the atmosphere is friendly. This is the Philippines so what else do you expect! I inquired about prices and this is what I was told:

  • Weekday Green Fee PHP 800 (about $20)
  • Weekend Green Fee PHP 1200
  • Club Rental PHP 800
  • Cart (if required) PHP 1000
  • Caddy Fee PHP 400

There is also a floodlit driving range at a cost of PHP 250 per hour, balls included.

It not only looks a beautiful course but the club house is large and comfortable. I don’t think they do full-catering any longer but you can buy coffee, soda, beer and sandwiches. Oh, and they also have a videoke machine.  While there, one of the club regulars was at the mic and invited me over. Frank Sinatra’s “That’s Life” and Ray Charles “I Can’t Stop Loving You” my contributions to the fun. The regular is known by the name of Andos. Great guy!

Below is a photo I took of the course layout:


Notice that the course used to be known as the VMC Executive Golf Course. VMC stands for Victorias Milling Company. It is one of the largest in the Philippines and has been milling sugar cane since 1919.  Canetown is so named and exists because of VMC. The whole area is steeped in the history of the sugar cane industry.

There is a great sense of civic pride in Canetown. I took some photos of wall paintings at the golf club. They reflect that civic pride and local history:

13553208_10153872864923402_1103818834_n 13552755_10153872865018402_2061584616_n 13522475_10153872865183402_512598626_n

The painting at the top of the three contains a reference to the local Church of the Angry Christ. The middle one shows the caribou and has the VMC logo on its forehead. A statue of a caribou stands outside the Church of the Angry Christ. The background contains a depiction of the milling factory. The lowest of the three paintings shows ‘the people.’ I suggest it is meant to depict unity of purpose or a sense of community. They are three remarkable works of art.

It is somewhat ironic that I was approached some months ago to promote It’s a website that has golf for retirees in the Philippines as its core activity. I hope the infographics of theirs are of some assistance to other expats in the Philippines.

Now, all I need is a golfing buddy!

Fore! 🙂



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