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LBC Shipping Cart Now Open in the UK

It has just been announced the LBC Shipping Cart now open in the UK.

That’s great news for a number of reasons especially if, like me, you hail from the UK and want goods shipping to your door in the Philippines. Marks & Spencers’ bigger mens’ sizes anyone? 🙂

If you need to know the details of the LBC Shipping Cart system, I have written about it before here and here.

The LBC system has always delivered for me. Safe in transit, insured goods, tracking, great communication by email – all of those things and the price you pay includes any relevant taxes. They take care of the Customs declaration so it isn’t impeded on arrival in Manila.

At the moment I await delivery of an Android TV box. I bought it through Amazon US, had it shipped to the LBC California warehouse (LBC allocate a unique shipping address for you), got the price for air cargo, paid $19 and it will be here within 10 days.  Easy as ABC (or LBC).

The Android box is my latest attempt to enable me to watch English football on the TV, now that Sky Cable here have lost the Bein Sports franchise. I also wrote all about that and you can see that here.

Below is the email I received from LBC:

Well hello there, Stephen!

Fancy anything from the U.K.? We’re here to help you get them to you!

We’re delighted to announce that you can now shop and ship from the U.K.! – same ShippingCart experience you’ve come to know and love, and now with a U.K. address!

*ShippingCart U.K. is on beta launch until March 2019
✓ Same shipping costs as U.S. to your doorstep in the Philippines
✓ Ship efficiently via Air Cargo (only)
Unit 2, Action Court, Ashford Road,
Ashford City, Surrey,
TW15 1XB
+44 7938 992670 
Hope that helps!
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  1. Pau Pau

    Can I purchase any other items form other UK websites like END and put the UK address (provided by shipping cart) in the address of END’s website?

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