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“Procrastination is the Thief of Time”

This is the third post in what has become a series about self development articles. The idea is that I take an article or perhaps a video or an infographic and summarize what it really means.  I have always been a believer in self development even before it became trendy!

You can read more about the self development articles here.

Importance of Self Development

You can be the most intelligent person on earth but without self- awareness and self development then you run the risk of stagnating. Even worse, you could go backwards.

Before I turn to the article let me say this. I have been researching and reading volumes over the past twelve months. The internet is a wonderful thing. But there is so much stuff out there!

Before you accuse me of adding to it, I willingly plead guilty! Yet, it is done in an effort to aid and guide you the reader. To try and short circuit the time involved in ‘getting to the good stuff’ in the realm of self development.

Feedback is always welcome.

Summary of the Article

This article on Medium 10 Things You Should Not Postpone really caught my attention.  It is a subject close to my heart.

It is written by Max Lukominskyi. He lists the 10 things that should not be postponed. But before he gets into his list he writes, “{T}he thing you are definitely not willing to do in the future is to regret the past. Especially if these regrets are regarding missed opportunities and wasted time. There are dozens of stories where people in their 30s and 40s talk about things they wish they knew or did before.”

His intention is to challenge the reader’s current mindset and assist in prioritizing personal values.

It’s worth the read.

I believe I have found a solution to helping you in this age of information overload and how to prioritize. It is a tool to help you in ‘self development.’

Reading Time of the Article

5 minutes

Favorite Quote from the Author In the Article

self development articles

I also like this quotation he uses in his article –

When you’re young, you always feel that life hasn’t yet begun — that “life” is always scheduled to begin next week, next month, next year, after the holidays — whenever. But then suddenly you’re old and the scheduled life didn’t arrive. You find yourself asking, ‘Well then, exactly what was it I was having — that interlude — the scrambly madness — all that time I had before?
— Douglas Coupland

About the Author and Lessons Learned From The Article

Max Lukominskyi  describes himself as an inspirer, initiator and business enthusiast.  Other than that brief description on Medium, I found nothing else about him on his website or Twitter.

The lesson learned from his article is a simple one. Act and don’t procrastinate! It is a sentiment I wholeheartedly agree with.

My Take

The lesson in the article resonates with me. I lost count of the times my school English master said, “Procrastination is the thief of time.” That was usually his response to a feeble schoolboy excuse for having failed to do homework.

But throughout life it is so easy to take the soft option and put things off to another day. It has taken me years to realize that this is the wrong approach. It is much better to do it and do it now!

I particularly like his advice under “Don’t Stop Learning.” He writes, “Constant studying and acquirement of new skills is a must in contemporary world if you do not want to be left behind. Keep on studying especially after you have graduated from the university or college. Take part in online courses, read smart books and articles, improve your skills.

That has always been true but especially so in this new internet age. I can also help with the bit about reading “smart books.” How? Try Blinkist for free!

I also like his advice about family.


It’s worth a read. After all it’s only a 5-minute read. He not only writes thought-provoking content but writes well with conviction and a wisdom that seems beyond his youthful looks.

One of the advantages of me going through many hurdles of trying to create in my retirement is that I have discovered things that work. Things that aid productivity. Things that aid self development.

One of those is Blinkist.

Try it for FREE now.
You know, writing is a tremendous source of self expression and development. It’s fun! Anyone can do it. Click the banner below to find out more –

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  1. G G

    My father was my hero. He worked very hard all his life and when he retired everyone thought, “All right now he will relax and enjoy his retirement.” Boy were they wrong. At 66 he took up wood working and became a self taught carpenter and wood carver. He enjoyed making things and giving them away. I use to chide him about how much money he could make, but for him it was the joy of learning something new. And sharing it with others.

    He read constantly. Magazine subscriptions filled the mailbox. He died before he could get into the internet. But I really couldn’t see him using the internet. He was a man of action. Stopped smoking at 50 because his doctor told him it was too late in life to stop. He changed doctors and quit smoking saying that the doctor was out his mind to tell him that. Cured himself of alcoholism at 40.

    Up every morning at 4:00 coffee, breakfast, out to do something. When he worked he walked the ten miles snow or rain for 30 years – kept him very healthy. When he came home he always had time for us kids, and Mom. Everyone loved him because he loved everyone. When he died, at 84, getting a routine x-ray on the x-ray table the nurse that was with him called a Code blue to save him. When she was told later that Dad had asked to not be coded she said, “He was too good to let die.”

    My dad reminded me constantly through his actions more than his words that life was to live not waste. When I get depressed about things I think of him and ask myself what would he do. He was a man of action not regrets and I attempt to live my life the same.

    I have a 40 yo son who would tell you that he thinks I’m out of my mind for everything I’ve done. That I should settle down and stay in one place. That I’m too old to have married a 25 year old woman. My son has many heath problems. He has mainly health problems related to old men – arthritis, heart, etc. He has a ‘steady’ job and lives with his mother, wife and daughter – he goes nowhere and is afraid to take a risk. Like my dad I will never grow up.

    Carpe diem, enim cras autem tu ut moriamur.
    Seize the day for tomorrow you may die.

    • “My dad reminded me constantly through his actions more than his words that life was to live not waste. When I get depressed about things I think of him and ask myself what would he do. He was a man of action not regrets and I attempt to live my life the same.”
      We all need role models whether it is a father or some other person. “No man is an island” – John Donne

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