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Why Sensitivity is Key in the Workplace

Julie Boyer’s Medium article is the subject of today’s summary in the series of self development articles. She writes about an employer who explains why sensitivity is key in creating “magic” in the workplace.

Sensitivity has been a theme running throughout all this week’s summaries.

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The series of summaries of self development articles works like this – I find an article on the web using the tag ‘self development articles’ and I summarize it for your convenience. It is intended as an aid to find worthwhile self development articles on the web and condense them for you. It saves you time!

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Today’s Article – Why Sensitivity is Key in the Workplace

Today’s article  Why Sensitivity is Key to Creating Magic in the Workplace; My Interview with Dave Raffaele appeared first on Medium in October, 2015. Boyer explains that she knew Raffaele from the coach training that they did together.

Favorite Quote from the Author In the Article

sensitivity is key


 Summary of the Article

The article is based on an interview between the author and Dave Raffaele. The subject of sensitivity in the workplace came as a result of what Boyer describes as an insight. Boyer writes “His insight comes mid-story, as he recounts helping his young daughter overcome her fear. In my conversation with him, I discovered that this insight is at the core of his parenting style… and also his leadership approach.

Reading Time of the Article

7 minutes

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About the Author and Lesson(s) Learned From The Article

Boyer says this about herself: I’m a Gifted Girls Coach. I help women overcome internal barriers so they can claim their leadership potential. If you’re a sensitive and creative woman, you were born to lead.  Her website is to be found at Gifted Girls Notebook.

Julie Boyer is another one of those writers who make you feel as if you are sat in the same room when reading their work. The stand out lesson is that businesses and people in that business can thrive in the right atmosphere. An atmosphere where sensitivity is key!

My Take

Where to start? This is a most informative and easy-to-read piece. It is full of wisdom and good advice. It made me look back to a time when I used to work for bosses who created an atmosphere of fear and loathing rather than sensitivity.

For sure, there is a place for emotions in the workplace. As long as they don’t produce negativity then I’m all for it. Eliminate fear on the part of the employee and you have a better worker and as the article explains one who is more likely to be a risk-taker.

Boyer writes about the risk taking in this way – “But, Dave explains, a climate of worry prevents us from finding out how great we can be. He’d rather see a prevailing attitude of: “heck, I’m gonna go for this, ‘cause I know my manager is gonna high-five me for taking that risk.”
“There’s an empowered employee, and a scared and disengaged employee,” Dave says. To him, the latter is an unnecessary waste of resources. But openness and curiosity can change that.

I also enjoyed Boyer’s use of key quotes taken from her interview with Raffaele, “I think about how many managers sat in front of me and told me what they think I should be doing or what is ‘a good career move’, but never actually asked me what’s important to me, what my strengths are. What do I want? Where do I want to get to?”

That resonates with me. How about you?


It’s a must read. If only all workplaces were like that! No worker is a widget. They are human beings with emotions.

I do hope you find this series of self development articles useful. If so, then bookmark this page.

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