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Self Development Articles: Signs of Success

Today is all about signs of success. Let me say Hello once more, and welcome you  to another summary of an article I found on the web using the tag ‘self development articles.’

You can view all the previous summaries in the series by clicking on this category link. The aim of the series is to provide you with a summary to save you time. That is exactly the same rationale that underpins Blinkist.

Today’s Self Development Article – Signs of Success 

8 Signs Of A Successful Life That Have Nothing To Do With Money Or Fame is an article by Ayodeji Awosika. I found it on his blog The Destiny Formula.

I have featured one of his articles before in this series of self development articles.

Favorite Quote from the Author In the Article

 signs of success

Summary of the Article

It introduces us to the thought that success is not always about money or higher status. The author then lists 8 things that he says are “signs of success” and have nothing to do with money or fame.

Reading Time of the Article

5 minutes

About the Author and Lessons Learned From The Article

Ayodeji is a personal development blogger and author of The Destiny Formula. His goal is to help as many people as possible find the freedom to do exactly what they want in life.

The clear lesson to take away from the article is to for each of us to know what success truly means at a personal level. Clearly that is something that can mean different things to different people.

Once that dream is known then his advice is to do whatever it takes to fulfill that goal.

My Take

I loved the article. I do enjoy the author’s style. It is refreshingly original and he has a writing ‘voice’ that commands respect and attention.

But more than that, I have to agree with most if not all of the points that he makes. I particularly like the “You’re Polite” sign of success.  I enjoyed that point so much that it is worth repeating the above quote from the article (in full) –

It’s astonishing how many people don’t have good manners. Treating people the right away pays dividends. Every person you encounter is the most important person in the world in their eyes — successful people know to treat them as such.

I must admit to a bias at this juncture. Politeness is one of my hobby horses!


I recommend the read.  It is an easy read and contains truths and a strong message.

This is a further post in what has become a series about self development. The idea is that I take an article or perhaps a video or an infographic and summarize what it really means.  I have always been a believer in self development even before it became trendy!

Shucks I even write about self development in my About page! And if you need to know more then please check out my Personal Development page. Self development? Personal Development? C’est la même chose!

If you have a thirst for information like me then I can help. I believe I have found part of the  solution through Blinkist. It is an app that if used properly can be a tremendous aid to self development.

One of the advantages of me going through many hurdles of trying to create and improve myself in my retirement is that I have discovered things that work. Things that aid productivity.

Self Development and Blinkist

One of those things that aid productivity is Blinkist.

The aim of this series is to summarize to you articles that I believe assist in self development. Damn it! More than that – help you achieve, be a better person.  Blinkist does that too. It will give you a synopsis of excellent books written by experts in their respective fields.

It helps you work smarter and be smarter! It is an aid to self development.

Try it for FREE now.

To find out more about Blinkist click here.

Formal Education vs Self Development

Indeed, I am a great believer in self development. Formal education can only teach you so much. The rest is up to you. Learning is within the capacity of all. We do it as soon as we leave the womb and it should be a continuous process. You are never too old to learn.

Through my passage in life, I feel qualified to pass on my wisdom about self development. I feel so strongly about it that I intend to eventually offer one to one consultations to help anyone who is prepared to listen. Listening and learning are the easy bits. You as an individual have to implement those lessons. No one can do it except you!

You can be the most intelligent person on earth but without self- awareness and self development then you run the risk of stagnating. Even worse, you could go backwards.

To search for all personal development books at click here.

For a general search of click here.

For UK readers please click on this link for

The Book Blurb on Ayodeji’s Book

Do you feel stuck in your circumstances? Do you have big dreams, but lack the right strategy to reach your goals? If you answered yes to either of these questions, read more to learn about what this book can do for you. This book is for:
People who know there’s more to life than the “cookie-cutter” options laid out for us.
People who know what they want from life, but feel a bit “stuck,” and need an extra push to reach their goals.
People who have big dreams for their lives, but keep getting sidetracked.
People who are motivated, but need direction and guidance in finding their life’s purpose.
Look, the purpose of this book isn’t just to get you “hyped up.” If you’re completely lazy with no ambition there isn’t a book out there that can help you. This book is for people who know deep down they could be doing more and need some strategies to get where they truly want to be. I’ve been in your position. I know how you feel. You set goals and fall short. You have big dreams and you know it’s possible to achieve them, but they intimidate you. You’ve been following the conventional path and you know it doesn’t suit you at all. You know you have the talent and ability to succeed, but you need to create a plan that will finally work. Are you the type of person who is willing to invest in yourself and your future? I know what you might be saying to yourself… “Is this book worth it?” If all this book did was give you a useful strategy to kick your procrastination habits and make real progress towards your goals….would it be worth it? If all this book did was give you that much needed kick in the pants for you to “snap out of it,” and get back on track…would it be worth it? If all this book did was help you find more clarity about what you should do with your life…would it be worth it? If you answered yes to any of these questions, I think the answer to whether or not you should invest in yourself and buy this book is clear. What’s stopping you from living the life of your dreams? Scroll up to the top and select “Buy now with one click.”

You know, writing is a tremendous source of self expression and development. It’s fun! Anyone can do it. Click the banner below to find out more –

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Disclosure: this post/page contains ethical affiliate links. I promote certain products and services that I have 100% confidence in. If you purchase as a result of clicking on my affiliate links, I receive a small commission. That commission is not added to the price you pay at checkout.


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