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Web Hosting That Sucks!

I pull no punches in writing about a web hosting service that sucks! And, I mean truly sucks!

That service (oxymoron) sounds like it is the opposite of ‘Come Mummy’ 🙂 I now have two active websites. This blog and my Stephen Bentley – Author site.

A change of web hosting service was forced upon me recently. It was a case of friendship and business not mixing. I’m sure you have been there too!  A former ‘friend’ is a re-seller of hosting. I was with his service for some 8 months before he gave me an ultimatum to find another hosting package.

As he only gave me a week before he pulled the plug, I went to ‘Come Mummy.’ What a nightmare! 404 messages constantly – a total lack of methods of communication – slow speeds – you name it!

I did manage to speak to GoDaddy (oops) on one occasion. That was by using a free Google chat and calling a toll free US number. My server is in Singapore. That makes sense as I am Philippines based. But, there is no way I could ever get through to the two Philippines Customer Service (oxymoron again) numbers. They just rang and rang, and rang …

Time to Change Web Hosting

Another blogging friend of mine was using SiteGround so I asked him if they were OK. “OK”, he said, “No, they are not OK, they are superb!”

Still wary, I made a pre-sales inquiry using the SiteGround live chat. Wow! Fantastico!

They answered all my questions and more.

I placed my order online. I went for the Grow Big package as I had two sites. They migrated my two sites from one server to the other within hours! For Free!

Everything worked. I have even added another free service using their Cloud Flare to speed up my sites’ loading times.

I am not a techie. But the SiteGround dashboard is simplicity itself. That is equally as true as their cPanel. It is all clearly laid out and there are tutorials for different tasks.

I am so excited about finding them. There are probably a host (haha) of other things I could tell you about but it’s easier if you check them out for yourself.

My recommendation for a web hosting company –  I would recommend them to my own ‘Mummy or Daddy’ –  has to be SiteGround.

Relax with them and you can concentrate on your blog.

PS I have now researched and used four web hosting services. Don’t fall for the WordPress hyped host – you know who I mean!
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There is more information about web hosting on the SiteGround page on my blog.

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  1. Jerry Jerry

    You may be also interested to know that Go Daddy has been accused of hijacking domain names.

    Also be aware of 1 and Check the complaints about them on any search engine. I had bought a bunch of domain names through them and set the renewal to manual. At the end of the year I was sent a bill saying I had put the domain names on auto-renewal. They were demading money or would take me to court. I told them to piss off and I’d see them in court along with the proof that I had set the domains to manual renew. Eventually, they stopped.

    In a couple of weeks I will be also launching my sites via SiteGround.

    • Thanks for that Jerry. Someone else told me about those allegations. My experience with GoDaddy was one to forget – too stressful. SiteGround are just unbelievably good. They answered two support tickets of mine today in no time at all.
      I am truly gobsmacked by their sheer efficiency and performance. Don’t forget to use one of my affiliate links when you order 🙂

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