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9 Eye-Opening Facts About Getting Older For Young People

Many blog posts are prompted by the writer’s own experiences. I’m no different and there is a reason why I chose to write about the ‘9 Eye-Opening Facts About Getting Older …’ aimed at young people. There is a part of my most recent book in which I describe bumping into a man I hadn’t seen for many years. It happened in London in about 2010; we both knew each other well from forty plus years previously from my Liverpool days. I walked by and thought ‘That looks like Kevin Dooley. Nah! it can’t be. He looks old.’ Stopping in my tracks, I turned and yelled “Kevin!” He turned around, for it was indeed Kevin. Fact #1 Inside your head you remain the same person…


This Mind Sees Beauty

This mind is not as simple as it once was. It used to be filled with the simple things in life: toys, kicking a ball, a mother’s love and food, the constant companionship of a much loved brother. Now, it is overloaded with information. Facts, figures and useless minutiae. It is also filled with memories, of people and places, some are dead and some are living.     This mind never ceases to be amazed at the whole spectrum of human nature from the kindness, warmth and generosity of strangers to the meanness, gossiping, petty and downright dangerous acts of other humans. This mind  has worked hard for betterment, education and an understanding of most things that surround it. A mind that struggles to tolerate…

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