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Will This BBC Article Sell More Books?

Will This BBC Article Sell More Books? Now that is a good question and I have no idea of the answer. Generally speaking I am happy with the article as it is 99% accurate. Here it is in full and it can be found on the BBC news site.: Operation Julie: How I infiltrated a drugs gang By Dominic Blake BBC Radio Solent 2 October 2016 From the section Hampshire & Isle of Wight   Image copyright STEPHEN BENTLEYImage caption As Steve Jackson, Stephen Bentley lived out of the back of a van during the surveillance operation At the age of 29, Stephen Bentley, a fresh-faced detective, turned himself into Steve Jackson, a dope-smoking, hard-drinking hippy. His time spent undercover with a gang making and distributing LSD helped bring…

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BBC Radio Interview Stephen Bentley

A BBC Radio interview with Stephen Bentley today September 30, 2016 I am talking about the subject of my book Undercover: Operation Julie – The Inside Story and undercover policing in the UK. There is a second interview of some 40 minutes planned for next week.   These are some of the more recent reviews posted on Amazon: 5.0 out of 5 stars Fascinating and compelling By donna on 14 September 2016 Format: Paperback Steven Bentley certainly provides a compelling depiction of not only one of the largest drug busts in history, but of the LSD manufacturing and trade in general. Bentley and his partner bravely fight against the drug underworld, police corruption, greed and against their own addictions culminating from the necessity to partake in what they…

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The Dropping of the Bomb on Hiroshima was horrific

The dropping of the A Bomb on Hiroshima was horrific. The above article by Rupert Wingfield-Hayes of the BBC (The ‘sanitised narrative’ of Hiroshima’s atomic bombing) is full of reminders about the terrifying impact the dropping of the bombs had on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the survivors. In it he uses Jamal as a vehicle for articulation of current American thinking about Hiroshima. Jamal is a young man and a student at Princeton University  in the USA. The article appears to me to be a criticism of how and why the decision behind the dropping of the bomb has been  viewed in America since the end of WW2. It appears to urge a rethink on the ‘sanitised narrative’. I would have to add…

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