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Lakawon – Why Bother With Boracay?

Lakawon is a small white sand beach island just off the northern tip of Negros Occidental, Philippines. It makes for a wonderful day out and is popular with  Filipinos, resident foreigners and foreign tourists. But beware – here is a link to the high tide table at It is essential reading before you go. Why? There is a 20-minute banca ride across to the island. As long as it is not low tide then these boats have sufficient draft to drop anchor either close to the beach or at the  finger jetty at Cadiz Viejo. If it is low tide then you are forced to clamber into small boat to transfer to the larger banca. If like me, you have mobility issues, then it is a…

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Takatuka, Sugar Beach – Heaven on Earth

Takatuka Lodge and Dive Resort This resort is as close to heaven as you can get on this world. Seriously! I just love Sugar Beach and the Takatuka Lodge and Dive Resort. I mentioned it before here following a trip there back in June earlier this year with Zabrina. I vowed to return and so we did, in November 2015. I intend to be a frequent visitor. I find the trouble with many reviews of tourist destinations and resorts are that I often ponder just how independent and therefore credible those reviews are. I have no angle in writing this review, in fact, I do not even consider it to be a review, simply a case of “I must share this.” However, keep it to yourselves as I…


Honest Thai Cop – They Don’t Grow on Trees

There is a connection between the title of this post and a recent post of mine here  about Phuket Beach Madness. There have now been some new developments about the beach “madness” and I am once more grateful to Phuketwan for being the bearer of that news. You will later learn as to why there is a connection between the title and Phuketwan. Rohingya Peoples and Human Trafficking In case you are unaware, Phuketwan is an English language newspaper based in Phuket, Thailand. Unfortunately, it is not being published after December 31 2015.  I am unaware as to the reasons for it shutting down and I can only assume it is to do with its role in exposing the Royal Thai Navy’s involvement  in corruption concerning human trafficking…

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Phuket Beach Madness

This article in the Phuket Wan News describes what has been happening  to sunbeds on the beaches of Phuket ever since the Thai military took over the country in 2014. They have all but disappeared! Essentially the military ordered the clearing of all commercial activities from Thai beaches. But now beach workers in Phuket want their sunbeds back. Things have reached such a state there that a university team of researchers is investigating the problems and plan to devise a solution. Here is what the article has to say about  this Phuket beach madness: ”We need more time,” Dr Pan Thongchumnum of Prince of Songkhla University told Phuketwanyesterday. ”New points are being made as we talk to stakeholders.” ………… However, European tourists usually decide where to go…

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Welcome to Bacolod!

Welcome to Bacolod. Hi, as you gather my name is Stephen Bentley or Steve for short. I am from the UK and I am a former barrister, police officer, sales manager, truck driver, motorcycle courier etc etc. I firmly believe I have many stories to tell owing to my varied work and life experiences. I hope you will be entertained. I love Bacolod and the Philippines. This is my new home and my new life. I am lucky to share it with Zabrina. She is a native of Canetown, Victorias which is about a 45 minute drive from Bacolod. Although we live in a suburb in the city of Bacolod, we are close to the ocean and the mountains of Negros Island. We both love…

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