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Whopping: Word Wednesday

“You whopping liar,” was a rebuke often heard in my childhood when someone had been found out telling ‘porkies.’ [Cockney rhyming slang  ‘porky pie’ = lie] I was surprised to learn that Merriam-Webster has its origins dated  back to c. 1625. My instincts (wrongly) told me it was a relatively modern word. Whopping adjective whop·ping \ˈhwä-piŋ, ˈwä-\ Popularity: Bottom 40% of words Simple Definition of whopping : very large, impressive, etc. Full Definition  : extremely large; also : extraordinary, incredible Examples in a sentence The play was a whopping success. The car sped by at a whopping 110 miles per hour. First Known Use  circa 1625 Related  Synonyms astronomical (also astronomic), Brobdingnagian, bumper, colossal, cosmic Let’s take a closer look at its origins: Etymology references…

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