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Why I Love My Nikon

Nikon is a Popular Choice Among Cafe Blogsters Nikon appears to be the ‘go-to’ camera of choice among members of the Facebook group Cafe Blog.  It is a group for bloggers that met during  either Blogging 101 or 201 run by WordPress. Allow me to introduce you to four blogging members of the group. They appear in no particular order. I asked them to collaborate with me for this post. The brief was to write about their camera and/or lenses and accompany the blurb with one pic taken with that camera. First up is Robert P. Doyle of Soundtrack of a Photograph. I use a Camera-Nikon D3100 (though I also still shoot film occasionally which is a Nikon N80). My lens is a  18-55mm typically, though I…

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Blogger Recognition Award

I received a pleasant surprise when I opened up my emails this morning. My good friend Carol had nominated my blog for a “Blogger Recognition Award.” It must be said now that I have read and understood the rules that it strikes me as being a blogger version of the chain letter. Having said that, I do appreciate there is value in linking to other blogs and so I corrected my ‘attitude’ and thought why not? And I can’t be anti-social all my life! I regard Carol as a good friend although I have only known her for a short time. We have never met in person, maybe one day 🙂 Our paths crossed during the WordPress Blogging 201 Course. I really enjoy the…

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Social Media

Why do I blog? That is a very good question. I recently wrote that in my post Why Blog? Blogging 201. As I wrote in that post primarily I enjoy writing. A pleasant side effect is that it brings in some extra money to supplement my retirement income. Let me make that clear – this blog does not earn me one cent. My paid writing is commissioned for someone else’s web site and for reasons of confidentiality I am unable to reveal which site or even what genre it covers. Suffice to say it combines my writing skills with my investigative skills gained in a ‘previous life’. If that intrigues you then read my bio. I also mentioned I blog to try and drive  internet traffic towards…


Why Blog? Blogging 201

Blogging 201 – Day 1 – Task: Set 3 Goals Why do I blog? That is a very good question. It wasn’t  until I found Blogging 201 in WordPress somewhere that I even began to formulate my thoughts on the answer – never mind the question!  Well here goes – In my retirement I needed something to do. I didn’t just want to sit on the beautiful Philippines beaches  all day and every day and vegetate! Or drink too much cold beer! I have lead a varied, and dare I say, interesting life. You must have experienced people saying to you, ” write it down, it’ll make a good book”. Well I did hear it and I heard it many times. So the first step…

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