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Curious Case of the Iceberg Lettuce and a Cranky Book Reviewer

Welcome to the World of Books (and Iceberg Lettuce) You may ask what an iceberg lettuce has got to do with book reviews. Read on my friend … One of my recent book reviews  on the Goodreads website was for a book called A Harvest Passion by Emily Murdoch. I also posted my review on Amazon. While I was on the Goodreads site, I spotted a 1* Review. I thought ‘no, it can’t be.’ But it was and here is what was posted by the reviewer. If there’s a worse book out there, I can’t think of what it is. This was awkward and weird, with neither main character having anything remotely interesting about them. There was absolutely no reason for them to “fall in…

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The Irish Speak English Don’t They?

I was asked the question in the title. It was in Thailand, so it was understandable. I have found on my travels in Asia that I often have to explain about the Irish, Scots, Welsh and English. Anyone who has experienced working with an Irish man or woman can attest to the fact that most have a way with words and storytelling. My varied work experiences brought me into contact with so many of them especially in my former careers as a detective and a barrister, as colleagues and clients! Irish Counsel My law practice as a barrister in England was predominantly as an advocate in criminal trials. Most of those trials culminated in final speeches. A final speech is the advocate’s last opportunity to…

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