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Bacolod Focus: The Fusion of the Sugarcane and Energy Industries

A further article from the ‘Cane Points’ series written by Butch Bacaoco. In fact this was his introductory article that appeared in the Negros Daily Bulletin. For those of you interested in Bacolod and the Philippines, I hope you find it as informative as I do. Though I resigned three years ago as editor-in-chief of another Bacolod-based newspaper, I have stayed on the fringe of mainstream media, maintaining warm relations with friends I have met during my stint. It is one of these friends who gave me the opportunity to revive my column “Cane Points” here at Negros Daily Bulletin (NDB). Salamat gid, pre! “Cane Points” is basically understood as ”patdan”, the sugarcane planting material. Patdan is cultivated primarily for sugar production but, with the…

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The Sugar Bowl of the Philippines

Negros Island is well known for sugar production and is known as the Sugar Bowl of the Philippines.  Below is a further article by Butch Bacaoco in his series Cane Points and reproduced with his kind permission. Butch knows his stuff about the sugar industry and in fact I listened in awe one day to a “history lesson” about the industry that involved an Englishman named Loney. This is an extract from the SRA’s website about the history of sugar in these islands: Although sugarcane was raised since pre-Spanish times in the Visayan islands after its introduction, it did not become much of an industry until after 1850. There were a score of small plantation in the province of Iloilo and a few in Negros…


Lifetime of Baffling Brownouts in Bacolod – Is There Hope?

The article below first appeared in the Negros Daily Bulletin in the Cane Points feature written by Butch Bacaoco. I know Butch well. We are almost related and I suppose will be after I finally tie the knot with Zabrina, his cousin.  I am sure he will not mind me describing him as an extremely intelligent man with a flair for writing. In fact, it’s more than a flair. He is a trained professional and was editor-in-chief of the Bacolod Sun Star for some time. I became aware that he had started writing the Cane Points series and asked his permission to reproduce selected articles here. He agreed. I feel it is important to tap into certain local issues. After all it is my new…

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Bacolod Life: Local Point of View

It’s high time we heard from a local, a true Bacolodnon, about Bacolod life and a local point of view. The author of the following article is Butch Bacaoco a former editor-in-chief of the Bacolod SunStar. He writes authoritatively about Bacolod, local issues and the island of Negros. He also writes about the sugar cane industry in this island. I plan to feature some of his articles here from time to time with the kind permission of Butch. A word first, if any of these articles refer to local or national Filipino politics then do not expect me to comment. I am a guest here and an observer, nothing more nothing less. I am sure you will find the article, and those to come, interesting…

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