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FavFotoFriday: Wonderful World

Wonderful World sounds like a cue for a song! Wrong! It’s the cue for this week’s theme in #FavFotoFriday inspired by my blogging friend Sandy of Scribbles and Musings. As Sandy has pointed out to me, I am fortunate enough to have traveled fairly extensively and visited some wonderful countries and places. It’s difficult for me to select a favorite place  or even favorite places as I have marveled at so many in my travels. Each is unique. I am forcing myself to limit it to two choices although it could have been twenty, forty or more! Wonderful World Choice One … has to be Hong Kong especially the harbor. It’s a hive of activity with the ferry boats and all kinds of craft large and small…


FavFotoFriday: Sunsets

Sunsets fascinate most people. They fascinate me, that’s for sure. I guess it’s mostly about the colours. The sky and clouds take on a different hue, as does the ocean, the mountains and everything else the setting sun touches. There is something quite magical, mystical and soulful about a sunset. As you get older, does it remind you of your own mortality? Or, are you a believer in “another day, another dollar”? However you choose to view the glory of a sunset and no matter whether it prompts you into introspection, it surely cannot be denied that they are one of the wonders of nature. The picture above was taken with my iPhone, not the best smartphone camera, but it has captured the mood perfectly…

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