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Start Social Media Manners NOW!

I know I’m older today than I was yesterday so I guess I should be a little wiser than I was yesterday. The world is so different than 40-50 years ago. In turn, the youth of that generation were not understood by the generation before them. It is a constant cycle. I feel it is incumbent upon me to pass some comments on social media manners. Yet, I think that good manners is a mark of a civilized people even in this era. Unfortunately, bad manners abound everywhere. The manifestation of bad manners is to be seen and read in many places on the internet. That is particularly the case in the comments sections of many posts and articles on the web. They abound with…


Cussing, Swearing: Family Tales, Minions and Other Thoughts

It was this article in Time that got me to think about this topic Nine Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Swear Words | While it is an interesting read it doesn’t tell the whole story from my point of view. Please let me give you a few thoughts of my own on cussing and swearing. As kids we were raised in Liverpool, England. Our mother was a quiet soul and Dad was a police officer in Liverpool. He had a total abhorrence toward anyone that swore in front of Mum. To this day I do not know if he found out about this episode. My younger brother Peter had returned home from school and inquired of Mum whether there was anything to eat. Mum…

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