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Tag: cute animals

10 Wonderful Photographs of Awesome Cute Animals (Ahhh!)

Cute animals (and birds, not forgetting mammals) are the subject of today’s #FavFotoFriday post. Here we go – Cute Koala Cute of cuteness has to be the koala bear sleeping in the tree.  Those bears are cuteness personified. I shot the picture in a  zoo near Perth, Western Australia (WA). All of the photographs were taken on my travels using Canon cameras and lenses. Baby Heffelant 🙂 Next up  comes the picture of momma elephant with her baby in tow – taken in Kenya, East Africa. Please note the African female elephant does have tusks. Cat Nap I couldn’t resist the snap of the cat perched on top of the car hood. It was taken at Seaside, near Destin on Florida’s Panhandle coast, an area I love. Seaside…

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