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Discombobulate: Word Wednesday (Improve Your Word Power)

I do love the English language and discombobulate is such a funny-sounding word. When I first heard it way back in school, I really did believe it was a made up word. I was delighted to find it there in the dictionary. Merriam-Webster says this about it: discombobulate verb dis·com·bob·u·late \ˌdis-kəm-ˈbä-b(y)ə-ˌlāt\ Popularity: Top 40% of words Definition of discombobulate discombobulate discombobulating transitive verb : upset, confuse <inventing cool new ways to discombobulate the old order — Kurt Andersen> discombobulation noun Examples of discombobulate in a sentence <our grandmother seems a bit discombobulated by all of this birthday fuss> Origin and Etymology probably alteration of discompose First Known Use: circa 1916 The Facebook comments are often illuminating or humorous – Suzanne Alexander · Foothill College Reading…

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