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240 Pesos Too Much To Save a Life?

240 Pesos is worth about USD $5 240 Pesos,or to be exact 239.99, is how much my book How To Drive Like An Idiot In Bacolod is selling for. It is $4.99 on The world is full of eBooks. Many are priced at $0.99 or are free. Some are priced at $8.99 and more.  The book world is saturated with eBooks. I offer two free eBooks of my own but there is good reason for that. [You can find details of them here on this blog and you can find the other on my author website.] Both eBooks were never written for publication. They are promotional gifts to thank subscribers to this blog and/or my author website. The eBook world may be saturated but it is also full…


How to Create an Amazon Author Page

Amazon Author Page An Amazon Author Page believe it or not is for authors of books that are listed on Amazon 🙂 I’m celebrating because my first book How To Drive Like An idiot In Bacolod is now available on Amazon Kindle for $4.99. Yay! Yay! 🙂 I am sure you will all buy it. Click below and it will take you to my book on Amazon where you can purchase it. Here is a closer look at the book cover – And here is a link to my Page. I would ask that you please leave a review of the book in the event you do buy it. Reviews are vitally important in the world of publishing and I would truly appreciate you leaving a…


Driving in Bacolod, Philippines: Part 3

Driving Filipino Style – No Fun No Joke No Common Sense I have previously written here and here about my perspective on driving in the Philippines as a foreigner.  I really thought it was “out of my system” and had fully acclimatized to the “different” way of driving and lack of traffic discipline here. Hell! No! I may have acclimatized to driving about Bacolod, the City of Smiles but on the laughably described national highways you would have to be brain-dead to get used to it! My first two posts on this subject went a little viral (20k + readers on Medium for example), certainly here in the Philippines, and were met in some quarters with criticism. “Who the hell is this foreigner telling us what to…



“The original article caused a bit of a stir. Here in Bacolod it went a little bit viral! In case you missed it here it is Driving in Bacolod: A Foreigner’s Perspective But let me make this clear at the outset. The problems with road safety in Bacolod are to do with the mindsets of individual drivers, pedestrians and all road users. Nothing more and nothing less. The traffic problems here are not the fault of the current or indeed any previous administration.   I would take umbrage at any politician who attempts to use my articles on this subject in attempts to score points over the opposition or the incumbent party. I am a foreigner guest here in your country and your city. I retired…



DRIVING IN BACOLOD, PHILIPPINES: A FOREIGNER’S PERSPECTIVE Welcome to driving hell! I mean Bacolod ………. Look I am not a newbie or a pussy when it comes to driving — I have been driving since I was 19 years old and believe me that is a long time! You wouldn’t want me to divulge my age I’m sure. Let’s just say I can remember when England won the football World Cup! During my driving years I have driven all kinds of vehicles and machines — cars of all shapes and sizes, 1350 cc motorcycles, large vans and small vans, articulated trucks (semi-trailers), dumper trucks, JCB digger/loaders, excavators and probably a few more that I have forgotten about. I have driven in London, New York, Los Angeles,…


Ceres Buses In Collision – Fatalities

Both me and Zabrina are devastated to learn of the news of two Ceres Liner Buses involved in a collision. Early reports indicate that some passengers have died. The collision took place on the National Highway between Bacolod and Victorias at Saravia at about 7.30 am today Wednesday July 22 2015. Our sympathies and condolences go out to all the families and friends of people affected in this tragedy. It is ironic that in my recently published article DRIVING IN BACOLOD, PHILIPPINES: A FOREIGNER’S PERSPECTIVE ………. that I praised the professionalism of the Ceres bus drivers!! However we must await the full facts of the cause of this terrible crash before we jump to any conclusions. Recriminations, if appropriate, can wait. In the meantime let us…

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